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Mailing list / Announcements

Subscribe tothe fftw-announcemailing list on Google Groups to receive an email when FFTW isupdated in the future. Alternatively, you can usethe web feed ormailing liston freecode.com.

You can contact the FFTW authorsat [email protected]

FFTW 3.3.9

Version 3.3.9 is the latest stable release of FFTW, and full sourcecode is found here:

  • http:fftw-3.3.9.tar.gz(ftp:fftw-3.3.9.tar.gz) (md5sum) (4.1MB)
  • you can also browse the ftp site
  • Go here for Windows.
  • See below for other platform-specific notes/binaries and other stuff.

See the release notes to find outwhat's new.

Xee 3 5 3 download free. full Version

Be sure to look at the installation section of the manual.

FFTW is distributed under the GNU GPL; see the License and Copyrightsection of the FFTW manual for more information.

Git repository

FreeChaseYou can access the current snapshot of FFTW at GitHub.

FFTW 2.1.5

FFTW 2.1.5 is the stable release of FFTW2, last updated in 1999.FFTW 2.1.5 is obsolete, but because its API is incompatiblewith that of version 3.x, we continue to distribute it for those userswho require backwards compatibility.

  • http:fftw-2.1.5.tar.gz (ftp:fftw-2.1.5.tar.gz) (1.2MB)
Go here for Windows.Download

Cycle Counters

In order to perform runtime self-optimization, FFTW needs ahigh-precision timer to measure the cost of different code choices,and we now use the hardware cycle counter available in most modernCPUs. We support the cycle counter for x86 (Pentium and later), IA-64(Itanium), x86-64, PowerPC, Alpha, PA-RISC, MIPS, s390, and otherprocessors under a variety of compilers.

If you are interested in using a cycle counter in your own code,you can download FFTW's cycle-counter header by itself:

  • FFTW cycle-counter code: cycle.h (ftp: cycle.h)

To use it, #include 'cycle.h', call theticks t = getticks() function before and after the code you want totime, and call the elapsed(t1,t2) function to getthe elapsed time as a double-precision number. (The elapsed time isin arbitrary units, not seconds or anything like that..it's intendedfor performance comparisons on a given machine only.)

(In order to use some of the OS-dependent timer routines likeSolaris' gethrtime, you need to paste the autoconf snippet fromthe top of cycle.h into your configure.ac file and #include 'config.h' before cycle.h, or definethe relevant macros manually if you are not using autoconf.)

Platform-Specific Files and Documentation

These are files and notes to help you install FFTW on particularplatforms. (Note that the installation notes below were sent in byusers, and have not been tested by us.)

  • Windows installationnotes and packages
    • also: PKZIP-compatible FFTW 2.1.5 source zip archive and FFTW 3.3.9 source zip archive.
    • FFTW 3.3.5 Windows 32-bit binaries and 64-bit Windows binaries (see also here).
  • FreeBSD portpackage of FFTW (at the FreeBSD ports collection).
  • NetBSDpackage of FFTW (at the NetBSD packages collection) and also FFTW 2.
  • FFTW packages for Solaris 9/10 sparc and x86 were posted by Dagobert Michelsen as part of the OpenCSW project. An older FFTW 2.1.3 PKG for Solaris 8 (sparc) was provided by Palle Haastrup.


Stb emulator apk. If you had to modify the Makefile or anything else in thestandard FFTW distribution to get it to run on your machine, let us know so that we canmake your modifications available to others.

Calling FFTW from Other Languages

FFTW is designed to be called directly from C and C++, of course,and also includes wrapper functions allowing you to call it fromFortran. Several of our users have contributed code to make it easierto call FFTW from other languages as well:

  • C# and .NET wrappers from the ILNumerics project
  • .NET wrappers by Tobias Meyer.
  • C# wrappers of FFTW are available from Tamas Szalay.
  • Python wrappers for FFTW3 by Henry Gomersall.
  • Richard Bielak has created Eiffel wrappers, downloadable fromhere.
  • Steve Sangwine hascreated Ada95 wrappers,available here.
  • Daniel Darabos has sent usa set of Java wrappers for FFTW, which he asked us to post on oursite. A different set of Java wrappers can be found in Roy Liu's Shared Scientific Utilities in Java package.
  • Christophe Troestler has put together FFTW wrappers for Objective Caml.
  • FFTW bindings for Haskell by Jed Brown.
  • The Guile numerics package includes FFTW bindings for GNU Guile, a Scheme implementation.
  • Wrappers for BorlandDelphi (a Pascal dialect) were contributed by George Beckett and Serdar Kacar.
  • Although FFTW is directly callable from C++, John Bowman hascreated C++ wrappers witha different interface style (supporting FFTW 3), including severaluseful convolutionroutines. Matt Flaxwrote another set ofC++ wrappers.
  • Ruby wrappers for FFTW3, by Takeshi Horinouchi.
  • Modula-3 wrappers for FFTW 3 by Henning Thielemann.
  • Perl wrappers for FFTW, based on PDL (the Perl Data Language).
  • Lisp wrappers by Richard Fateman, for Allegro Common Lisp.

Let us know if you want to contribute something for your favoritelanguage, and we will be happy to link to you. In general, werecommend translating the API into the format most natural for yourlanguage; you may even want to call some internal FFTW functions..seethe api/ directory in the FFTW 3.0.1 package for examples.

Free Programs Using FFTW

Xee 3 5 3 download free. full Game

Many programs use FFTW; let us point out a few free ones to get youstarted, although this list is pretty out of date and very incompletethese days.

The GNU Radioproject is using FFTW to implement a software-defined radio. There isa GIMP plugin called GFourier that uses FFTW tocompute Fourier transforms of images, as well as a Linux programcalled gstring forguitar tuning, a synthesis program called ARSS, and a GNOME panelplugin called VSA forreal-time audio spectrum display and filtering. StarCrash is asmoothed-particle hydrodynamics code for gravitational simulationsthat calls the MPI FFTW routines from Fortran. GNU Octave is a Matlab-like programthat uses FFTW for its fft() routines (like Matlabitself). XMDS is an extensiblesimulator for partial differential equations.

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