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Download the official Wemo app from Google Play Store or Apple Store; Plug in a switch or install the light switch; Go to your mobile phone’s settings and connect it to Wemo’s wifi access point; Go to the Wemo app and it’ll automatically detect the device and start the setup process. In version 6.76 and up Dimmers also show in app. From version 2.10 and up you can send use commands to run the app, example: Allwemo.exe -ip: -action:on. Virtuagirl app android. The actions must be: on, off or toggle. For the commands to run, you need to run for the first time Allwemo without commands and let it discover all the devices first.


The Wemo App lets you control your home appliances and electronics through your Wemo® devices using an iPhone® or iPad®. Whether you want to turn OFF a light from bed, turn ON a fan from the couch or make sure your lights are ON before you come home at night, the Wemo App will work for you. Download Wemo for PCLink: Wemo app on PC will work by using an Android emulator on a computer or laptop.This installati.

The sun is setting on our SDK

All good things must come to an end. All so-so things should come to an end a little faster. We've figured out that our Wemo SDKs for Android and Apple platforms have not really benefitted developers interested in working in the Wemo ecosystem as much as we'd hoped, so we are retiring them as of July 25th, 2016. Just tell the kids they went to live on a farm, where they are frolicking in the lilacs with other SDKs. Tell gramps they retired to Boca.

What happens now?

We will continue to test the existing SDKs against OS updates from Apple and Android until July 25th of 2017, so that developers who have already created products using the SDKs have a year to regroup. We won't publish those updates, but if you downloaded our SDK prior to July 25th, 2016, e-mail us directly ([email protected]) and we'll send you the latest.

But I've got this idea for a killer Wemo app..

We're grateful to the enthusiastic third-party developers who have embraced Wemo and created apps to do cool things with our products. The most successful Wemo-integrating apps out there have made much hay out of the UPnP implementation onboard our Wemo devices. A quick web search will reveal plenty of crowd-sourced documentation on the UPnP commands to which our devices will respond from the local network. The capabilities you can program through direct UPnP interaction will cover everything you could have done with the SDKs, with the added benefit that you can program in any environment you wish (the SDKS limited you purely to iOS and Android platforms).This is a more flexible approach to Wemo integration than our limited SDK ever was, and we hope developers will continue to do great work and show the world fresh ways of putting Wemos to work.

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Fine print

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The UPnP standards don't enable external integrators to make remote calls to our devices (neither did our SDKs). Remote access from third-party apps would jeopardize the security of our cloud, and for the sake of all Wemo users we can't allow it.That said, if you've got a great idea that necessitates programmatic remote access and you think we should consider a investing in partnering with your technology, drop us a line. We'll give it a fair look as we plunge headfirst into the big, bold future of the IoT.