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Choose Data → Import External Data → New Web Query to open the New Web Query dialog box. When the New Web Query dialog box opens, Excel connects you to the Internet and displays your Web browser's home page. Enter the URL address of the Web site whose data you want to extract. Click the Go button to visit the page. Apr 01, 2015 Re: Change Default Browser for Excel Web Query Check the settings under the Start Button, Default Programs, Set program access and computer defaults. In the same area check Set your default programs. There are defaults for both Chrome and IE.maybe they are not set up to do what you want. May 04, 2012 Step 1: In the VBA editor (ALT + F11), create a userform as usual: Right click at any of the objects and then insert - UserForm. Step 2: In order to add the Webbrowser object you should do the following: Right click on the toolbox and select Additional Controls. Next, from the available choices, select Microsoft Web Browser and then click OK. If you use Internet Explorer, you can also import data to excel directly from your web browser. Just right click on the webpage, and then select 'Export to Microsoft Excel' on the shortcut menu. This should display the New Web Query dialog box in Excel.Web browsers can change all the time, so personally, I prefer method one.

Most of us are familiar and have worked on a Spreadsheet Software on a day job or managing something personal that means it is liked by many of us. This resulted in people wanting to integrate spreadsheets on their websites which is not an easy task. Although It is not easy to provide the functionality online what a desktop spreadsheet software would provide but we have got most of the things covered here checkout some of the best spreadsheet like software plugins for web browsers

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Excel like Spreadsheet in a Web Browser

1. JQuery.sheet

Query.sheet is an easy to use jQuery spreadsheet plugin for web browsers. If you are looking for a spreadsheet like functionality for your web page you should checkout jQuery.sheet because it provides almost all the functionality a desktop spreadsheet would provide, but on your browser.

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jQuery.sheet manages the sheet creation, viewing, and editing processes using simple html tables and html5 components to provide compatibility even with the older web browsers. It can also be used like a datagrid.

For complete details take a look at the Demo & Documentation.

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2. Handsontable

HTML, Javascript and JQuery Excel like Data Grid Editor. It can do validations, drag & drop, custom buttons, context menus, pagination, sorting, searching etc

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3. Extjs-excel-grid

How Can I Stop Excel Files Opening In My Browser ..

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4. SlickGrid

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