Wdr Full Hd 1080p Dash Cam User Manual

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Wdr full hd 1080p dash cam user manual pdf

When evaluating the dash cam, we often see some dash cam adopting WDR wide dynamic technology.Maybe a lot of people can’t understand about it, I will talk about what is the WDR wide dynamic technology, and how to apply it to dash cam.

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what is wdr on a dash cam?

WDR wide dynamic is a special automatic light and light technology.it is able to read the dash cam video infortion and find the brightest and darkest part of the video, and then through the secondary analysis and processing, it can balance in all areas of exposure, reduce a bright screen and enhance the darker picture.

This technique mainly has filmed the video for internal processing, at the same time, the automatic exposure function of dash cam adjust the light and shade of before shooting.Setting up ppsspp for online play.

Function of wide dynamic of dash cam

It can improve the brightness of the image automatically to bring the clear image in the low night environment.And in the strong light, it can reduce the overexposed pictures to make it more harmonious nature.

Besides, whether in the sunlight during the day, or a tunnel of the backlight, and the night light reflection, it is good to light reflection and interference suppression to make the image clearly.

Wdr Full Hd 1080p Dash Cam Manual

Wide Dynamic Range(WDR)

What is WDR? Simply speaking, WDR is the very bright part and the particularly dark part of the scene, which can be seen clearly at the same time. The wide dynamic range is the ratio of the brightest brightness value of the image to the darkest light value that can be distinguished.


When the relative brightness of light or light is low, the image of the camera will appear especially bright or dark. The bright area is due to the overexposure and the dark picture is caused by the lack of exposure, and the visibility and quality of the visual frequency are seriously affected. This limitation is what we usually refer to as 'dynamic range'.

High-Dynamic Range(HDR)

What is HDR? Compared with the ordinary image, it can provide more dynamic range and image details. According to the LDR (Low-Dynamic Range) image of different exposure time, the final HDR image is synthesized by using the LDR image of each exposure time corresponding to the best details, which can better reflect the visual effect in the human real environment.

In general, we take pictures, taking the exposure of the high light area, the details of the dark part will be lost, if the details of the dark part are taken care of, the high light part will be overexposed. In order to solve this problem, we use HDR technology, the Chinese meaning is high dynamic light rendering. To put it simply, a photo contains both highlights and details.

Wdr Full Hd 1080p Dash Cam User Manual Pdf


Wdr Full Hd 1080p Dash Cam User Manual Free

WDR and HDR are two different processing technologies, one is hardware, the other is software processing. As for what kind of a good idea you decide, I am more greedy. If the two can use the same effect at the same time, will it be better? Maybe not. In fact, the purpose of WDR and HDR is the same, in order to make the details of the dark part and the details of the bright part clear in the high contrast. Only the methods of implementation are different. Although it is not very accurate, it can be understood that WDR is working hard on hardware, and HDR is working hard on software.

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