Watermark File Name Program

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Bytescout Watermarking is capable of stamping existing pictures with their filenames using FileName watermark type. Available modes are: Filename with extension, Filename without extension, Full Path, Directory

  • Watermark Software uses a rapid watermarking process, which enables high quality batch processing of images. With an array of useful tools and a simple interface that can be navigated by users of al levels of expertise, you can see why Watermark Software is the choice of many when it comes to adding that extra layer of protection to their images.
  • Once you add watermark to your photo irrespective of where your photo goes, the watermark remains in the photo. 50+ fonts to text watermark your photo 2. Change the size of the text watermark font as your font 3. Color your text watermark with whichever color you want 4. Apply opacity to text watermark as per your choice 5.

Easy Batch Watermark is a basic program that lets users apply watermarks to multiple images at once, making the watermark process fast and easy. Easy Batch Watermark is, as its name implies. Exif wMarker is the next free software to batch watermark photos. In it, you can add a logo or image file to watermark your photos. You can customize watermarked image by modifying its alignment, opacity, etc. It also lets you add custom text to header and footer of images.

NOTE: You can customize filename representation using EXIF macros in Watermarking PRO

Open Jpg Watermark File

To add stamps with filename select filename format:

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Below is the sample output image (Filename with extension filename format):

Watermark Template

INFORMATION: You can add EXIF and other photo information using macros in Watermarking PRO/products/enduser/watermarking/watermarkingpro.html

Watermark File Name Program

Watermark Programs For Windows