Vw Vin Number Decoder

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The Volkswagen VIN number is an individual code of 17 characters, which allows you to learn a lot of important information about the vehicle. Importantly, decoding the VIN number in Volkswagen can help you find important information about the car you want to buy. The purchase of a Volkswagen used vehicle may involve a certain risk, but a VIN decoder will reveal detailed vehicle history. So how do you find the VIN in Volkswagen and how do you decode it? Read in our article.

  1. Classic Vw Vin Number Decoder
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Volkswagen – VIN number decoding

Vw Vin Number Decoder

The Volkswagen body number encoding is good for people planning to buy a car, especially if the car is imported from abroad. Voice changer for mac discord free. The Volkswagen identification number helps to define such detailed technical parameters as country of production, model year, drive type, engine version and equipment options. However, it is important that verification of the body number allows you to search the database of stolen vehicles and get to know its full history such as the number of owners or potential accidents. As you can see, decoding the VIN in Volkswagen allows you to learn important information about the vehicle, so you can verify the data provided by the seller, for example, and reduce the risk associated with the purchase of a used car. If you want to find out whether the Volkswagen you are interested in is not an accident, decode the VIN using the form below.

Volkswagen – where to find VIN?

The first thing we should do before verifying the VIN is to check its location in the car and compare it with the VIN in the documents. At first glance, you can see some interference with the body number. However, finding a VIN in a Volkswagen may not be easy, as its location depends not only on the model, but also on the yearbook. If you’re wondering where the VIN is in a Volkswagen Golf, it was placed on a fixed part of the front bulkhead between 1998 and 2002. The 2003-2008 VIN number on the fixed component was placed on the front bulkhead and on the dashboard housing on the left, the VIN plate was placed on the middle left post. The models from 2008-2012 had the VIN number located in three places. The popular Passat has the VIN number plate on the front panel on the right and on the dashboard housing on the left. Younger yearlings from 2010-2013 have the VIN number on the fixed element located on the right side reinforcement and the VIN number plate on the middle pillar on the left. Equally common on our Polo roads is the VIN number plate on the left side reinforcement near the seat of the left shock absorber.


The location of the VIN number in Volkswagen regardless of whether we have an Amarok, Fox, Golf Plus, Sharan, Touareg, Touran or a Caddy or Crafter delivery truck may not be in an obvious location, so sometimes it is worth using proven tools so as not to waste time on a long search.

Volkswagen – checking the VIN number

Classic Vw Vin Number Decoder

Although VW adopted the standardized 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number in 1981, Volkswagen VIN decoding before this era is different. For example, decoding a VW VIN for the 1965 Bus would begin with the first two digits, which reveals the model number, such as 23 for Kombis and 21 for Panelvans. VIN Decoding: For Sample VIN: 2-1-5-066378, we break it into four parts (A,B,C, and D). 'A' (2) being the Type of vehicle it is. The above example VIN is a Type 2. 'B' (1) is the second number or the Vehicle model type decoded below. The sample decodes to be a Panel Van. 'C' (5) is the second letter of the year of manufacturer. The sample being either a 1955, 1965, or 1975 model.

Vw Build Sheet By Vin

Verification of Volkswagen’s technical data before purchase can be very helpful if you want to buy a car from abroad. Verification of the VIN number in Volkswagen will allow to confront the vehicle data placed by the manufacturer with information provided by the seller. In particular, those concerning Volkswagen’s construction, potential service repairs or mileage. So how to check the history of a Volkswagen vehicle? This can be done online by completing the form below. The basic version of the service is available free of charge, while those wishing to learn more about Volkswagen can use the full history report of the vehicle, which is paid for. However, the cost of the service is relatively small in relation to the price we can pay for a car with hidden problems.