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In Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers, the fifth installment of this wildly successful Strategy/Sim series, you get to explore the center of Isola while you reckon with a band of mysterious masked heathens, who do not believe in you. Guide your tribe as they attempt to convert the savages, by dismantling their precious totems and removing their. Feb 17, 2015 Virtual Villagers 5, free and safe download. Virtual Villagers 5 latest version: Convert the heathens of Isola Island! Sign-up Free Trial Now & Play Free Full Version Game Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers and Over 1,000 Full Version Games with No Time Limits.

By Take the role of a powerful god swaying the destinies in Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers! You just have to steel oneself, as this game is already in store for you! Popular village simulation series is filled up with a long-expected sequel. Spilling the beans a little, we can share some information with you about the storyline of the game.


It begins on the island of Isola, where courageous explorers are ambushed and captured by masked aborigines. Then it's your turn to enter the plot and act as their god helping the travelers adapt and survive in a heathen village. Can you convert the tribe into true believers? This time around, Last Day of Work, the creator of this game premise, strikes together your villagers with the original inhabitants of this magic island.

Virtual Villagers 5 Full Version No Download

According to the plot, those natives or heathens, in other words, sabotage the island. This fact makes you convert them into true believers during this play. To our mind the choice of ‘god-like’ theme is rather weird if not say risky.

Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers might hurt player’s religious beliefs. But if you pay no attention to the story, this is an ordinary building game that has not altered much from the previous installments. As usual, each your villager has its own character settings and screens that allow you to be always aware of their individual preferences, skills and abilities. Due to ‘god-like’ thematic there are some new powers, allowing you to control animals, weather or even bring to life dead villagers. This is the main spin on gameplay from the developer that adds more challenge there. However, the village environment becomes more various and even more attractive than ever, with eye-popping decorations.

The character animations are borrowed from the previous titles, a bit snippy and dated at times. After all, Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers is a fine addition to the building games library and push up everything that is especially worthy about this game series.

10, February 2011 DoubleGames.


Virtual Villagers 5 free. download full Version No Trial

Rated 5 out of 5 by mohaganyeclipse from Always A Favorite! I'm an avid fan of the VV series and I really look forward to any new games from this developer, so I hope we'll see another one soon!

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I enjoy discovering the secrets of the islands as each game is unique in what there is for your villagers to figure out (excepting the hunt for food that is). These games are in real-time play so they can leave them for a day or two, depending on what speed its set. Its important to always check on them to make sure they haven't all starved to death or something because then you'll have to start over, thats happened to me on several occasions so I know I'm not village chieftain material:). Rated 5 out of 5 by buffy145 from Straightforward Puzzles and New Challenges I don't know whether I prefer this one or Tree of Life, but New Believers brought some new things to the table that I really enjoyed. The heathens can be quite a hassle, but I found a way to get the orange masks to go away without it being so annoying. I use one of my villagers to lure the heathens to the area next to the broken aqueduct. I trap my villager at the top of the waterfall and the heathens keep trying to chase them away, but they cannot go forward because the fall keeps them from doing so and my villager can't get away because the aqueduct is in their path and the heathens right in front of them.

That way, they'll be stuck in there until you decide to take your villager out of the waterfall. Keep luring all the orange heathens there and you'll only have to worry about the red masks, and there are only three or four of them in the game. After you've destroyed the knowledge and hunger totems, there'll be one in the dry lake, one helping near the mausoleum and the other one will be swimming next to the rainbow totem.

At least that's what's been going on the part of the game I'm in. I've read some reviews saying this one is the hardest of them all, but I actually find it one of the easiest? With all the others I had to look up at least three puzzles on the internet because I couldn't make it work in the game, but I have a feeling New Believers isn't gonna bring this problem to me. The puzzles are pretty straightforward so far, and if you really have that much trouble, you can always go on yahoo or whatever and they'll have detailed instructions on what to do.

At least I suppose there will be, there have been for all the others. The real question for me here is when VV6 is coming out. I have a feeling the answer for that question is 'never', which is a pity. I really hope they find inspiration to keep going. Rated 5 out of 5 by mach37 from By Far My Personal Favorite You read the title right! Of all the V.V.

Virtual Villagers 5 free. download full Version No Time Limit

Virtual Villagers 5 Full Version No

Games I have EVER played, this is probably my favorite. I can't explain all of it in a paragraph so I'll do a Q and A.

Q: Why would you enjoy a game where you destroy a religion, strip them of their masks, and tear down their totems? A: Obviously this has been asked before, so I'll make this quick. They are NOT happy, have you ever even waved over their totems to read what they are called? 'Hunger' 'Sadness' 'Anger' etc. If this were real, then the people would be holding on to them because they probably hope they will care for them, so If converted to a hopeful.

Q: Why is it so fun? I mean, they do everything FOR you!

Virtual villagers 5 full version no download

A: No they don't. You have to make them achieve goals, nothing will just get up and automatically serve you ya know! Q: Do you like the Angry Heathens? A: Honestly, I don't. But I will say one thing.

IT IS SUPPOSE TO BE HARD! Without those people then it would just be too easy! This is my personal Question and Answer page. This is perfect for the addicted Gamer. I hope you found it helpful! Rated 5 out of 5 by swampie from So Much Fun!

I have played the Virtual Villagers series and like them all very much. In the New Believers there are new challenges and lots more to do to make the village a success. I enjoyed seeing the children, including the suprisingly precious heathen rascal, enjoy the butterflies. The games of tag and nursery school are sweet. The villagers are a tad small, but not so much as to affect the play. One of my villagers looked like Dolly Parton and another like Stooge, Larry Fine. I had my favorites and hated to see the old villagers die.


Virtual Villagers 5 Download

Play this game. It is great fun and a welcome break from day to day stresses.

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