Traktor Pro 3 Xone 96

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This DJ mix is packed full of tribal house music, with percussion keeping the momentum rolling throughout. Sd card serial number windows 10. Danny James keeps the pace up for 30 minutes across 3 decks. This set up includes the following DJ equipment: Allen & Heath XONE:96 Mixer. Traktor Kontrol X1 MK2. Technics SL-1210MK2.

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  1. However, the XONE:4D's digital soundcard bus could be used to this end, by connecting an external audio DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter), in-line between the XONE:4D SPDIF (or OPTICAL) OUTPUT and FX RETURN connectors, and setting the XONE:4D SC9/10 outputs as the Output Send channel source for TRAKTOR (see 3.
  2. Additionally the Xone:96 soundcard supports DVS control of Native Instruments’ TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 DJ software right out of the box. DUAL XONE VCF FILTERS WITH CRUNCH Nothing comes close to the sound and power of the Xone VCF filter.
I just bought the XONE:4D and I'm curious if there any pre-set mappings for Traktor Scratch Pro?
I'm pretty new to all this and am a little overwhelmed.

There are many different ways to configure the XONE:4D and Traktor Pro, a lot depends on how you plan to combine the two and what media format/s you plan to use, so if you're new to XONE:D Series mixers, or Traktor, we'd suggest using the A&H Traktor Pro .tsi configuration files to get you up and running.
These are available via the XONE:4DDocuments links HERE
Download the Xone:4D Overlays Traktor Pro Maps .zip file
Traktor Pro 3 Xone 96
The .zip file download contains two pre-configured maps for Traktor Pro, together with documentation outlining how the various software parameters are assigned to different XONE:4D MIDI controls and how the different 'modifier' states are enabled. The .zip file also includes graphics files in diferent formats; a .pdf for visual reference, as well as Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator files to print for use as overlays if you decide to stick with our maps, or to use as templates for editing if want to use our layouts with your own custom map.
If you use a PC, you can choose to import all options in the files; this will configure the XONE:4D soundcard routing for 4 Deck, Internal Playback, of digital audio files direct to the four mix channels on the
If you use OSX, or plan to use time encoded vinyl/CDs as part of your setup, you will need to configure some of the audio options manually, as outlined in the product user guides.

More info on configuring Traktor with
XONE:D Series interfaces is also available in video tutorials on the

Traktor Pro 3 Xone 96 Free

Allen&Heath YouTube channel HERE
You should also check the Native Instruments website, Traktor forums, Traktor Pro User Guide, or, alternatively, it's also worth checking out R. G. Haselier's Traktor Bible for in depth information on setting up Traktor Pro and Traktor Scratch Pro; this extensive guide references the XONE:4D in many application examples and is well worth investigating if you want to get the most from this particular digital DJ application.

Traktor Pro 3 Xone 960

Please note that the A&H Traktor maps are designed to enable you to start using the two products, though they are by no means the definitive way to use the mixer, or software.
However, these maps can be modified to accommodate your own personal preferences and re-saved as new files, so you can use them as a starting point for customized maps, or until you're more familiar with the products.
We hope this helps.

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