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TradeGuider VSA Software End-of-Day v4.0

Jan 13, 2019 Tradeguider Eod V4 Download Crack. TradeGuider MT4 VSA Plugin Tradeguider EOD RT Manual $11 $6. If you pay $45 us you will get all the item listed. Trade Guider EOD V4 is a software program developed by TradeGuider. The setup package generally installs about 8 files and is usually about 16.4 MB (17,198,031 bytes). Hi-Speed Tradeguider. Emoticons Download Mac Beechcraft 1900; A Continental Connection Beechcraft 1900: Role: Regional Aircraft, Freight Aircraft and Aircraft Company: Manufacturer: Beechcraft. This license is only for enabling you to benefit from the services offered by oath and to use as permitted in these terms and conditions or the terms of reference. TradeGuider EOD is suitable for position traders and investors, and will work for any market (stocks, commodities, indices, futures, bonds, options and mutual funds). TradeGuider EOD is the end-of-day version which works with any MetaStock compatible data feed.

Note: The following information has not been updated by the vendor since 10/08/14.

Address:111 West Jackson Blvd. Suite 2010
Chicago, IL 60604
Phone # for sales: 877 392 3895
Click link to request additional product information.
E-mail address: [email protected]



General Information System Requirements Market Information Data
Data Formats Charts Screening and Alerts Trading Systems
Options Analysis Support Additional Information

General InformationTOP

Product name: TradeGuider VSA Software End-of-Day v4.0
Initial Price: $2,499.95
Brief product description:
Traders looking to improve their success rate with a proven methodology over 100 years old now can with the release of TradeGuider's End-of-Day 4.0 for investors who want a once daily analysis update. For the first time, traders can now read charts, clearly understand them, be supported by education programs and take small steps to becoming successful, 'smart money' traders. TradeGuider software is for traders who want to use the Volume Spread Analysis%99 (VSA) methodology to trade alongside the 'smart money' Syndicate Traders. TradeGuider holds the exclusive rights to this VSA-centric software. Volume Spread Analysis uniquely analyses 'activity' on each bar (volume) and analyzes what the closing price did as a result. Because 95% of the activity is the professional 'smart money' (Trading Syndicates), this expert system can identify what stance they are taking in the market (i.e. buying, selling or not participating). The methodology has been used by the professional trading community since the early 1900s. TradeGuider has computerized it and brought it to the wider market, so retail traders can now even the odds. Volume Spread Analysis seeks to establish the cause of price movements. The 'cause' is quite simply the imbalance between supply and demand, or strength and weakness, in any liquid market, created by the activity of professional operators or 'smart money'. Price and volume are intimately linked, and the interrelationship is a complex one, which is the reason TradeGuider was developed in the first place. TradeGuider's EOD 4.0 The newest version of TradeGuider EOD works with our EOD to trading and VSA, valued at $999.95) Full price if purchased separately

System RequirementsTOP

Operating system(s):
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
Minimum RAM required: 1 gb
Minimum hard drive space: 100 mb
Minimum modem speed: Greater than 28800
Mouse required?: Yes
CD-ROM used?: No
CD-ROM required?: No
Demo disk available?: No

Market InformationTOP

Markets followed:
  • Stocks
  • Futures
  • Bonds
  • Cash markets
  • Mutual funds
  • Indices


Data type(s) utilized:
  • End-of-day data
  • Historical Data
Sources for data:
  • Provided by an outside data source
  • Downloader provided
Data manager: N/A

Data FormatsTOP

Formats read directly:
  • MetaStock
Additional formats read directly:
Formats read after conversion to program useable data: N/A
Additional formats read via conversion to program useable data:


Chart type(s) utilized:
  • Bar Charts
  • Candlestick charts
Charting features:
  • Bollinger bands
  • Crosshair data readout
  • Fibonacci lines, circles
  • Horizontal lines
  • Moving average bands
  • Print charts
  • Scaling: automatic
  • Scaling: manual
  • Scrolling
  • Tick volume
  • Trendlines: automatic
  • Trendlines: manual drawing
  • User-defined chart groups
  • Volume
  • Windows: resizable
Built-in indicators:
  • Accumulation/distribution
  • Average true range
  • MACD
  • Moving averages: simple
  • Moving averages: exponential
  • Moving averages: other
  • Relative strength
  • Stochastics
  • Show indicator values

Screening and AlertsTOP

Ranking based on: N/A
Screening based on: N/A
Alerts based on:
  • Indicator and studies
Alerts displayed on charts?: Yes
Alerts displayed in table?: No
Screening by individual system per market?: No
Save tables?: No
Automated printing of tables?: No

Trading SystemsTOP

Trading system features:
  • System signals plotted on charts

Options AnalysisTOP

Options analysis features: N/A


Support features:
  • Online help
  • Phone support
  • Newsletter
  • Tutorial
Manual page length (if applicable): N/A

Additional InformationTOP

Additional comments (please indicate additional indicators, special features and services here):
Proprietary Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) Indicators Alerts for VSA Indicators Proprietary Diamond Trend System Proprietary Diamond Stops Trend Indicator bars

General Information System Requirements Market Information Data
Data Formats Charts Screening and Alerts Trading Systems
Options Analysis Support Additional Information

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Trading software is used by day traders to place the entry and exit orders that make up their trades, and is often known as order entry software. Trading software displays the current (and sometimes most recent) prices for each market, and usually interfaces with charting software to provide a graphical view of the market.

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Charting software is used by day traders to watch their markets, and is usually the piece of software that they use the most. Charting software displays the past and current market information (such as the prices, and the volume) in a graphical view.

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