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for the TNTgis software family


The instructions below specify TNTmips but the same instructions are valid if you have purchased a professional license for TNTedit or TNTview.


Stay current with the latest features and patches for TNTmips by downloading and installing each weekly edition. The weekly editions can be run as a new installation or used to update a previous installation of the same version.

What do I do if the file didn't download or if download was not complete? We have hundreds of successful downloads from our site each week. While we know there can be a problem with our web site or a link, most of the time the problem ends up being a result of an unreliable communication link to the internet.

A download manager can continue a download after it fails, from the same place it stopped. A download manager can help you save days of trying to download very large files, even from unreliable sites or with unreliable internet connections. Gozilla is one such download manager. It can be a little tricky to figure out, but works great once you know how to use it. Please look at our web page 'Download Managers' for more information. It will tell you how to resume interrupted downloads of large files.

You may contact the reseller closest to you if you are unable to download the file or order TNTmips Free on CD directly from MicroImages (cost including shipping: US$50).


The TNTgis download file is the same for all license levels: TNTmips Pro, TNTmips Basic, and TNTmips Free. To find which license is right for you compare the capabilities of TNTmips Free, Basic, and Pro.

  • TNTmips Pro is for professional users and uses a software license key to enable full functionality.
  • TNTmips Basic is a low cost license of TNTmips and requires a TNTmipsBasic.mi_key.file to activate the license.
  • TNTmips Free is a no cost license of TNTmips for small-scale projects. TNTmips Free is not a demo, but a large, full-featured geospatial analysis software package. (TNTmips Free replaced TNTlite and does not require an activation code.)

The first time you start TNTmips, you will be prompted to select a license level via the License Configuration window. See the License Configuration section below for details.


First time installing - Windows

If this is the first time installing TNTmips, just follow the instructions given when you double-click the installer file.

First time installing - Mac

Steps to install under macOS the first time:

  • UNPLUG TNTmips USB LICENSE KEY(applicable only for Professional license)
  • 1. Download XQuartz 2.7.9 (or optionally XQuartz 2.7.10 or later)
    Be sure to choose version 2.7.9 in order to run without manual modification.
    IMPORTANT: XQuartz 2.7.10 and later versions are supported only if you are able to make the manual modifications described below.
  • 2. Double-click downloaded file shown near the bottom of your browser window.
    Proceed as usual through prompts to install.
  • 2b. If using xQuartz 2.7.10 or later do the manual modifications steps described below.
  • 3. Restart machine
    You may see 'a new version of XQuartz is available' message .. do not update it.
  • 4. Download TNTmips
  • 5. Via Finder go to Downloads
    (You will not be able to install by double-clicking the downloaded file in the browser window.)
  • 6. Ctrl-click on downloaded .pkg file and choose Open from the menu.
    A dialog opens saying it 'can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software'.
    Choose Open and it will let you proceed.
  • 7. A dialog opens saying 'Welcome to the TNTgis installer'.
    Proceed through prompts to finish installing.
  • 8. Via Finder go to Applications > TNTgis folder - double-click TNTmips
  • 9. You will see 'Welcome to the Sentinel Runtime Installer Package' installer (HASP key).
    Proceed through prompts to finish installing.
  • START TNTmips
  • 10. Plug in TNTmips USB license key (applicable only for Professional license)
    Non-professional license users will see a License Mode dialog. Click OK to use Free license.
  • 11. In Finder go to Applications > TNTgis folder - double-click TNTmips
    You will see prompts to choose Language and a font message.
    Then TNTmips menu bar will open.

Manually Modify XQuartz (beyond 2.7.9)

DO THESE STEPS (after step 2 above) ONLY IF USING XQUARTZ 2.7.10 OR LATER. In order to use the latest version of XQuartz with TNTgis, you need to manually change one of the library files as described here.

(Note, we recommend you use XQuartz 2.7.9 if you have other applications that use XQuartz. XQuartz 2.7.9 can be installed and used without any modification, however, you will be frequently reminded to update it.)

  • Install XQuartz as described in steps 1 and 2 in previous section: First time installing – Mac.
  • Open the Terminal window:
  • use Finder to open the Terminal (under Applications > Utilities)
  • Carefully type the following commands in the Terminal to move the libXt.6.dylib file:
  • a. Change the current directory.
  • cd /opt/X11/lib
  • b. Copy the file from flat_namespace folder to the current directory.
  • sudo cp ./flat_namespace/libXt.6.dylib .
  • (Note the period at the end, which indicates it will be copied to the current directory.)
  • c. Use the list comand again to check that libXt.6.dylib file has been copied to the current directory.
  • ls -l libXt*
  • Continue with step 3 in previous section: First time installing – Mac.

Update an installation

Installing a more recent edition of the same version of TNTmips on a Windows computer can usually be done without uninstalling. However, MicroImages generally recommends completely uninstalling TNTmips and then re-installing it.

In most cases you can run the installer to update over previously installed TNTmips software, however, there are some cases where this will not be successful. Reasons for this include the presence of OS patches, security software and settings, user account settings, and the nature of the updates made by MicroImages from week to week. In addition, installation problems are not always reported by the operating system. Note that uninstalling will not affect user settings, unless you choose to manually delete the settings files.

Completely uninstall and re-install TNTmips

Follow these steps to safely update an installation or to correct an installation problem.

  • 1. Turn off TNTmips. Make sure TNTmips and other TNTgis applications are not running. (On Windows make sure you shut off the X Server - when running an MI/X icon is shown in the system tray).
  • 2. Uninstall existing version. Here's how:
  • Windows: open Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. Find 'MicroImages TNTgis [version]' in the list, select it, and click Remove. Follow instructions given in the InstallShield Wizard to completely remove.
  • Mac: Move the application folder to the Trash. The default installation location is: Program Files > TNT_[version]
  • 3. If you are on a Windows computer, manually delete installation folder after uninstalling. After uninstalling in step 2, navigate to C:Program FilesMicroImages using Windows Explorer and delete the TNT_[version] folder. Note: you may skip this step in most cases, however, you should not skip it if you know you have an installation problem.

Caution: in older operating systems such as Windows XP, deleting the installation folder will remove user settings. If you have purchased TNTmips Basic it will remove your license. Please contact Technical Support for additional help.

  • 4. Reboot your computer after uninstalling.
  • 5. Install the latest edition of TNTmips. Make sure you have administrative privileges. For Windows, log in as administrator; for Mac, you will be prompted for an administrator password. Install to the default location.


Tnt Mac Software Manual Installer

After you've installed TNTgis start the TNTmips software via the TNTmips start icon (or choose the TNTedit or TNTview icon if you've purchased a professional license for them).

In Windows, find the TNTmips icon in the MicroImages section of your Apps list, start it there or right-click on it and pin it to your start screen or taskbar. If you have a Start menu, navigate from your Start menu to MicroImages > TNT_[version] > TNTmips.

For Mac, select Go -> Applications from the desktop menu. Open the TNT_[version] item in the Applications list, and click the TNTmips icon.

Tnt Mac Software Manual Installed

Note: you will also see icons or shortcuts for other TNTgis software: TNTedit, TNTview and TNTatlas. The functionality of these programs is included in TNTmips so there is no reason to start these programs separately. Exception: you will need the TNTview or TNTedit shortcuts if you have purchased a professional license for either of these components. TNTatlas is a free geodata viewer you can use to provide your electronic maps, geodata, and layouts to others. To do so you would bundle your atlas file and associated geodata layers with TNTmips.


The first time you start TNTmips, you will be prompted to select a license level via the License Configuration window. Adobe premiere pro windows 7 32 bit. You can also open the License Configuration dialog at any time via Help > Configure License.

Professional License Level

For TNTmips Pro (or TNTedit Pro and TNTview Pro) choose Professional, and follow the instructions given to install the HASP USB key driver(with hardware key), which shows only if has not been previously done. See the Installation and Setup Guide for detailed instructions.

Basic License Level

Tnt Mac Crack

To acquire a Basic license, you must first run as TNTmips Free — when it starts up you will be asked if you want to upgrade to TNTmips Basic. After acquiring the Basic license you will update the License Configuration dialog to the Basic license level.

Free License Level

No license is required — just download, install, and run.

Tnt Software Download


TNTmips is an international product that lets you select from a growing number of interface languages. All current language kits are bundled with the TNTmips download. You can select the interface language you want during the TNTmips setup process.


Tnt Mac Software Manual Installation

MicroImages provides numerous free tutorial and application booklets with step-by-step lessons for learning the many features and processes of the TNTmips and the other TNTgis softare. All tutorials are included with your TNTmips installation and are also available to view and download on-line.