Thiruvasagam Lyrics In Tamil

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“Maayaa” Priya has started a tamil blog Tamilkkalvi and has given an amazing explanation to one Thiruvaasagam Song “Putril Vaal” in the recently released Ilayaraja’s masterpiece.

Thiruvasagam - English Translation by Rev. Pope Preface - Hymns 1 to 10 - Hymns 11 to 51 also in PDF: Hymns1 to 10 - Hymns 11 to 51 Pulavar Keeran - Six Lectures on Mannikavasagar's Thiruvempavai lecture 1 - lecture 2 - lecture 3 - lecture 4 - lecture 5 - lecture 6: Ilayaraja's 'Thiruvasakam in Symphony'.

The album as such was awesome. I bought it sometime back and for sometime was listening to nothing else but that. But somehow i did not feel like writing it because i could not understand the meaning and its essence.


திருவாசகம் - Thiruvasagam - சைவ சித்தாந்த நூல்கள் - Saiva Sidhantha Books - சென்னை நூலகம் - Siva Puranam In Tamil Pdf Prioritytelevision Thiruvasagam Apps On Google Play Sivapuranam Lyrics In Tamil Pdf Free Mysociallite Thiruvasagam With Meaning In Tamil Pdf. Tribute to Soolamanagalam Sisters::Sing along with Sulamangalam Sisters and seek the blessings of Lord Siva. Manikkavasagar was one of the four great Nayanm.

For eg i want to know what “Poovar senni mannan” means…
The booklet that came along with the CD did not give the explanation. That was too optimistic about the Tamil pulamai of an average Ilayaraja fan in my opinion.

Thiruvasagam Lyrics In Tamil

There is one Tranliteration by GU pope.
That too i pestered PB for the links and then got the document from Priya again.
I could not understand a thing, though i thanked her profusedly. That a different story. Since then i have been looking for something which will give me the meaning of the songs rather than transliteration.

To understand what it was like, just take a sample. This is taken from the song. “Putril Vaal Aravum Anjen”

Not the sleek snake in anthill coil’d I dread;
nor feigned truth of men of lies,-
As I, in sooth, feel fear at night of those
who have not learnt the Lofty-One
To know; who near the Foot of the Brow-Ey’d,-
our Lord, crown’d with the braided-lock,-
Yet think there’s other God. When these unlearn’d we see,-

If you still make sense reading this and listening to the song in the album, then either you are a genius or hopelessly insane. In both the cases only that Lord Shiva can save you:)

Now to appreciate Priya’s effort, just read this…

Thevaram Lyrics In Tamil Pdf

புற்றிள்வாள் அரவும் அஞ்சேன் பொய்யர்தம் மெய்யும் அஞ்சேன்
கற்றைவார் சடைஎம் அண்ணல் கண்ணுதல் பாதம் நண்ணி
மற்றும்ஓர் தெய்வந் தன்னை உண்டென நினைந்தெம் பெம்மாற்கு
அற்றிலா தவரைக் கண்டால் அம்ம நாம் அஞ்சு மாறே.

Thiruvasagam Sivapuranam Lyrics In Tamil

புற்றில் வளைந்து இருக்கும் பாப்பைக் கண்டு அஞ்ச மாட்டேன். பொய் பேசுபவர்களின் உண்மை போன்ற சொற்களைக் கண்டு அஞ்ச மாடேன்.அடர்த்தியான நீண்ட சடையையுடைய பெருமைக்குரிய நெற்றிக்கண்ணைக் கொண்ட எம்பெருமானின் பாதத்தை அடைந்து, வேறொரு தெய்வம் இருப்பதாக எண்ணி எம்பெருமானை போற்றாதவரைப் பார்த்தால், கடவுளே! நாம் பயப்படுவது சொல்ல முடியாத அளவு ஆகும் !!

Phenomenal effort!

Valhalla vintage verb download mac. I am really looking forward to getting the meaning for all the songs in the album atleast. Maybe we can ask her to compile a PDF and then give it as a free download for starters and then publish a pukka book.


I know there are some tamil speaking tamil illiterates for whom tamil “no no come” for reading and writing. My apologies folks. You are really missing something and this is bigger than NIIT courses i tell you 🙂

Thiruvasagam In Tamil With Meaning

She has also started a noble initiative called Sahaayaa. Please support her in this endeavour.

Thiruvasagam Lyrics In Tamil

Kalakkal Priya. Hats off!