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Thirumandhiram is the tenth thirumurai in the tamil saivaite panniru thirumurai. It deals more about Yoga. It is also called chathiram. It has more than 3000 verses. All the chapters are available in soft form now. It is organised by both contents and index. The text available in both transliterated form as well as the Tamil font and PDF form. Thirumanthiram (Tamil) Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. Thirumanthiram is the tenth Thirumurai in the Tamil Saivaite Panniru Thirumurai. It has been divided into nine sections called Tantras, containing the quintessence of the Saiva Agamas. Aug 03, 2018 The Download Link For Thirumanthiram Vilakkam in Tamil PDF Download - Download Now. Thirumanthiram Tamil Virivurai Book (Explanation PDF in Tamil) Free. Telegram hack software for pc download.

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Thirumanthiram In Tamil

Tirumular ( KR. Arumugam) The primary source of biographical details on Tirumular is the Tamil work known as Peirya Puranam, authored by Sekkilar.

Thirumanthiram In Tamil Lyrics

Thirumoolar thirumanthiram in tamilThirumanthiram In Tamil

Periya Puranam is a work which gives the life stories of all the sixty-three saints ( Nayanmars) of Saivism. Though Tirumular is a Siddha, he is popularly known as a Saiva saint of the Siddhanta tradition and hence his biography is included in Periya Puranam. The other sources are Nambiyandar Nambi’s Tiruttondar Tiruvandadi, Umapathy Sivacariyar’s Tiruttondar Purana Saram, Swaminatha Thambiran’s Tiruvavaduturaip Puranam, Dandapani Swamigal’s Pulavar Puranam, and Agastiyar Vaittiya Rattinac Curukkam-300. We may also find some accounts in A. Chidambaranar’s article on Tirumular’s biography.

Thirumanthiram In Tamil With Meaning Pdf

Thirumanthiram In Tamil

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Periya Puranam speaks of the life story of Tirumular in detail under the title “Tirumuladeva Nayanar Puranam.” The life sketch runs as follows: After getting initiated by the graceful Nandi (Siva) at Mount Kailash and attaining the astamasiddhis (the eight supernatural powers) one yogin (who’s original name is not given in Periya Puranam) started for the southern hill called Podigai to meet and to spend some days in the company of his long time friend Agastya. On his way to Podigai, the yogin visited Kedarnath, Pasupatinath (in Nepal), bathed in the Ganges, worshipped in Kasi, and then visited Vindhya and Parvata mountains.

Thirumanthiram In Tamil

Having worshipped there, he then proceeded to Sri Kalahasti, Tiruvalangadu, Kanchipuram, Tiruvadigai and then to Chidambaram. After worshipping Lord Nataraja at Chidambaram he reached Tiruvavaduturai and paid obeisance there and began his way towards Podigai. On the way, on the banks of the river Kaveri, he saw a flock of cows grieving over the death of their herdsman whose name was Mulan. Mulan was a resident of the nearby village Sattanur.

Pitying the cows, the yogin, using his power of transmigrating into another’s body, which is one of the eight siddhis, entered into the dead body of Mulan, the cowherd, hiding his original body in a hollow tree trunk. The cows were happy over the recovery of their master. The yogin led the cows and drove them into the village and stood outside the village. The wife of Mulan was anxious about her husband, who still had not returned even after sunset, which was unusual.

Thirumanthiram Explained In Tamil

She came in search of her beloved husband and found him standing outside the village with a strange look. She rushed towards him and touched him. At her touch Mulan jerked and told her indifferently that there was no relationship existing between them and sat in meditation in the nearby mutt. The wife in astonishment brought the village administrators to the spot. Seeing Mulan in meditation, his body glowing, the villagers pacified her and asked her to leave the yogin alone to pursue the spiritual path in peace. After spending some time in meditation the yogin came to the riverbank in search of his original body. It was not where he had hidden it.