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The Nanny: The Complete Series

SPECIAL 0x1 The Making of The Nanny. This brief 'Making Of The Nanny' retrospective. The Nanny Season 1-6 Complete Episodes and The Nanny Reunion. Type: Video TV shows Files: 127 Size: 50.55 GB Info. Details for this torrent. The Nanny Season 1-6 Complete Episodes and The Nanny Reunion Every episode of The Nanny and the Reunion. Used Dvd Decrypter Disk 1 1. Smoke Gets in Your Lies 3. My Fair Nanny 4.

Released: May 26, 2015 • Available in US & Canada
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That flashy girl from Flushing with the heart of an angel (and the voice of a slighty more nasal angel) is here at last in The Nanny: The Complete Series. Starring the one and only Fran Drescher in her signature role, The Nanny charmed television audiences throughout its six-season network run. Detailing the comic misadventures of the sweet and sassy Fran Fine (Drescher), her sophisticated employer, Broadway producer Mr. Sheffield (Charles Shaugnessy), his boisterous brood (Nicholle Tom, Benjamin Salisbury and Madeline Zima) and his wisecracking staff (Lauren Lane and Daniel Davis), each hilarious episode of The Nanny – many available on DVD for the first time – is a sure-fire dose of laughter and fun!

Both an homage to and a subversive take on the classic comedies of the Baby Boomer generation and featuring an unbelievably bright roster of hilarious guest stars, The Nanny is a delightful addition to your television collection – finally available in a complete series collection from your favorite video babysitter, Shout! Factory.

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Why We Love It

“This is some of the best packaging and bonus features I have ever seen on a sitcom series!” – Catherine Holder, Culture Smash

“The Shout Factory propensity for making clear video and audio playback is in full stride here, allowing for not only a better visual look at an old series, but also a better aural look as well.” – Steve Anderson, Technology Tell


The Nanny All Seasons Torrent

Bonus Features

  • Go Behind The Scenes With Executive Producers Fran Drescher And Peter Marc Jacobson In A New, Never-Before-Seen Interview!
  • The Making Of The Nanny
  • Select Episode Commentary By Fran Drescher

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The nanny all seasons torrent online
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EpisodeEpisode Title
1The Nanny: Pilot (aka The Nanny)
2The Nanny: Smoke Gets In Your Lies
3The Nanny: My Fair Nanny
4The Nanny: The Nuchslep
5The Nanny: Here Comes The Brood
6The Nanny: The Butler, The Husband, The Wife And Her Mother
7The Nanny: Imaginary Friend
8The Nanny: Christmas Episode
9The Nanny: Personal Business
10The Nanny: The Nanny-In-Law
11The Nanny: A Plot For Nanny
12The Nanny: The Show Must Go On
13The Nanny: Maggie The Model
14The Nanny: The Family Plumbing
15The Nanny: Deep Throat
16The Nanny: Schlepped Away
17The Nanny: Stop The Wedding, I Want To Get Off
18The Nanny: Sunday In The Park With Fran
19The Nanny: The Gym Teacher
20The Nanny: Ode To Barbra Joan (aka Daddy Dearest)
21The Nanny: Frannie's Choice
22The Nanny: I Don't Remember Mama
23The Nanny: Fran-Lite
24The Nanny: The Playwright
25The Nanny: Everybody Needs A Bubby Sometimes
26The Nanny: Material Fran
27The Nanny: Curse Of The Grandmas
28The Nanny: The Nanny-Napper
29The Nanny: A Star Is Unborn
30The Nanny: Pinske Business
31The Nanny: Stock Tip
32The Nanny: The Whine Cellar
33The Nanny: When You Pish Upon A Star
34The Nanny: Take Back Your Mink
35The Nanny: The Strike
36The Nanny: I've Got A Secret
37The Nanny: Kindervelt Days
38The Nanny: Canasta Masta
39The Nanny: The Will
40The Nanny: The Nanny Behind The Man
41The Nanny: A Fine Friendship
42The Nanny: Lamb Chop's On The Menu
43The Nanny: Close Shave
44The Nanny: What The Butler Sang
45The Nanny: A Kiss Is Just A Kiss
46The Nanny: Strange Bedfellows
47The Nanny: The Chatterbox
48The Nanny: Fran Gets Mugged
49The Nanny: The Pen Pal
50The Nanny: Franny And The Professor
51The Nanny: Dope Diamond
52The Nanny: A Fine Family Feud
53The Nanny: Val's Apartment
54The Nanny: Shopaholic
55The Nanny: Oy Vey, You're Gay
56The Nanny: The Party's Over
57The Nanny: The Two Mrs. Sheffields
58The Nanny: Having His Baby
59The Nanny: The Unkindest Cut
60The Nanny: The Kibbutz
61The Nanny: An Offer She Can't Refuse
62The Nanny: Oy To The World
63The Nanny: Fashion Show
64The Nanny: Where's Fran?
65The Nanny: The Grandmas
66The Nanny: Val's Boyfriend
67The Nanny: Love Is A Many Blundered Thing
68The Nanny: Your Feets Too Big
69The Nanny: Where's The Pearls?
70The Nanny: The Hockey Show
71The Nanny: That's Mid-Life
72The Nanny: The Cantor Show
73The Nanny: Green Card
74The Nanny: Ship Of Fran's
75The Nanny: A Pup In Paris
76The Nanny: The Tart With Heart
77The Nanny: The Cradle Robbers
78The Nanny: The Bird's Nest
79The Nanny: The Rosie Show
80The Nanny: Freida Needa Man
81The Nanny: Me And Mrs. Joan
82The Nanny: The Taxman Cometh
83The Nanny: An Affair To Dismember
84The Nanny: Tattoo
85The Nanny: The Car Show
86The Nanny: Hurricane Fran
87The Nanny: Danny's Dead And Who's Got The Will?
88The Nanny: Kissing Cousins
89The Nanny: The Fifth Wheel
90The Nanny: The Nose Knows
91The Nanny: The Bank Robbery
92The Nanny: Samson, He Denied Her
93The Nanny: The Facts Of Lice
94The Nanny: Fran's Roots
95The Nanny: The Nanny And The Hunk Producer
96The Nanny: The Passed-Over Story
97The Nanny: No Muse Is Good Muse
98The Nanny: You Bette Your Life
99The Nanny: The Heather Biblow Story
100The Nanny: The Boca Story
101The Nanny: Fran's Gotta Have It
102The Nanny: The Morning After
103The Nanny: First Date
104The Nanny: The Bobbie Fleckman Story
105The Nanny: Fransom
106The Nanny: The Ex-Niles
107The Nanny: A Decent Proposal
108The Nanny: Mommy And Mai
109The Nanny: Fair Weather Fran
110The Nanny: Educating Fran
111The Nanny: From Flushing With Love
112The Nanny: Rash To Judgment
113The Nanny: One False Mole And You're Dead
114The Nanny: Call Me Fran
115The Nanny: Not Without My Nanny
116The Nanny: The Engagement
117The Nanny: The Dinner Party
118The Nanny: Homie-Work
119The Nanny: The Reunion Show
120The Nanny: Immaculate Concepcion
121The Nanny: The Pre-nup
122The Nanny: The Best Man
123The Nanny: The Wedding, Part 1
124The Nanny: The Wedding, Part 2
125The Nanny: The Honeymoon's Overboard
126The Nanny: Fran Gets Shushed
127The Nanny: Once A Secretary, Always A Secretary
128The Nanny: Sara's Parents
129The Nanny: Maggie's Boyfriend
130The Nanny: I'm Pregnant
131The Nanny: Mom's The Word
132The Nanny: Making Whoopi
133The Nanny: Oh, Say, Can You Ski?
134The Nanny: The Hanukkah Story
135The Nanny: The In-Law Who Came Forever
136The Nanny: The Fran In The Mirror
137The Nanny: The Yummy Mummy
138The Nanny: California, Here We Come
139The Nanny: Ma'ternal Affairs
140The Nanny: The Producers
141The Nanny: The Dummy Twins
142The Nanny: Yetta's Lettas
143The Nanny: Maggie's Wedding
144The Nanny: The Baby Shower
145The Nanny: The Finale, Part 1
146The Nanny: The Finale, Part 2
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The Nanny

Ann Morgan GuilbertActor
Benjamin SalisburyActor
Charles ShaughnessyActor
Daniel DavisActor
Fran DrescherActor
Lauren LaneActor
Madeline ZimaActor
Nicholle TomActor
Rachel ChagallActor
Renée TaylorActor
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