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#TitleRelease date
1Please Please Me1963, March 22
2With the Beatles1963, November 22
3A Hard Day's Night1964, July 10
4Beatles for Sale1964, December 4
5Help!1965, August 6
6Rubber Soul1965, December 3
7Revolver1966, August 5
8A Collection of the Beatles Oldies (But Goldies)1966, December 10
9Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band1967, June 1
10The Beatles1968, November 22
11Yellow Submarine1969, January 17
12Abbey Road1969, September 26
13Let It Be1970, May 8
14The Beatles 1962-19661973, April 19
15The Beatles 1967-19701973, April 19
16Rock'n'roll Music1976, June 10
17Magical Mystery Tour1976, November 18
18The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl1977, May 6
19The Beatles Live at the Star-Club in Hamburg, Germany, 1962 1977, May 22
20Love Songs1977, November 19
21The Beatles Collection (13 LP Boxed Set) 1978, December 2
22Hey Jude1979, May 11
23Rarities1979, October 12
24The Beatles Ballads1980, October 20
25Reel Music1982, March 29
26The Complete Silver Beatles1982, September 10
2720 Greatest Hits1982, October 18
28The Beatles Past Masters, Volume One1988, March 7
29The Beatles Past Masters, Volume Two1988, March 7
30Live at the BBC1994, November 30
31Anthology 11995, November 21
32Anthology 21996, March 19
33Anthology 31996, October 28
34Yellow Submarine (Songtrack)1999, September 13
35Beatles 12000, November 13
36Let It Be.. Naked2003, November 17
The Beatles - (Albums and Compilations):

The Beatles - Full Discography Information Band: The Beatles Genre: Classic Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Pop Rock Years Active: 1960 - 1970 Members: J.

MP3, high-quality 320kbps:
--Please Please Me
--With the Beatles
--A Hard Day's Night
--Beatles For Sale
--Rubber Soul
--Yellow Submarine
--Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
--Abbey Road
--Magical Mystery Tour
--The Beatles (White Album)
--Let It Be
--The Beatles 1962-1965 (Greatest Hits Vol. 1)
--The Beatles 1967-1970 (Greatest Hits Vol. 2)
--Past Masters, Volume One
--Past Masters, Volume Two
--Anthology, Vol. 1
--Anthology, Vol. 2
--Anthology, Vol. 3
MP3, high-quality 192kbps:
--Live at the BBC
--The Early Tapes (With Tony Sheridan)
--The Decca Tapes
--The Beatles 1
--Love Songs
--In The Beginning
The Beatles Full Discography_____________________________________________________

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