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Gen 2 has got a different game and a few different characters than the first generation.

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Full view of Tamagotchi Connection Version 2 - Items. The Spriters Resource - Full Sheet View - Tamagotchi Connection Version 2 - Items Wiki Sprites Models Textures Sounds Login. The Tamagotchi Connection (UK: Tamagotchi Connexion) is a virtual pet in the Tamagotchi line of digital toys from Bandai.The Tamagotchi Connection is unique from prior models in that it uses infrared technology to connect and interact with other devices and was first released in 2004, 8 years after the first Tamagotchi toy. Using the device's infrared port, the virtual pet (referred to as a.

Feed your Tama properly
You know that babies cry when they're hungry. Well, so will your tamagotchi. Press A to higlight the 'fork and knife' icon, then press B to select either a snack or a meal. By the way, Tamagotchis gain one oz from a meal and two ozs from a snack. You're pet will et happy from feeding it a snack, but be sure not to feed it too much (play the game instead).

The object of the game is to guess wheter the number will be higher or lower. To choose lower, press the A button, to choose higher, press the B button. If you guess correctly, Tamagotchi will be happy.

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Travis scott rodeo download zip. Lights out please
Use the light bulb to turn off the light when it goed to sleep, or else it will get restless. Your pet will go to sleep every night between 8 and 11 pm and wake at 9 the next morning when it will turn the light back on by itself.

Tamagotchi Connection V2

Generation 2 Growth Chart.