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The original Tamagotchi was first introduced in Japan in 1996 and was a huge craze. It wasn't long before Bandai introduced it to Europe and North America where the craze grew further. By late 1998 and 1999, the fad has began to die out. Tamagotchi products became rarer to find until production was stopped altogether. Tamagotchi Connection 168 In 1 Anleitung Deutsch Tamagotchi Connection V5 Familitchi Tamagotchi Connection Anniversary Tamagotchi Connection Ton Aus. Mar 12, 2020 Buy products related to tamagotchi connection products and see what customers say about tamagotchi connection products on Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop - Nintendo DS. ESRB Rating: Everyone. 4.4 out of 5 stars 30. Best Seller in Electronic Pets. Tamagotchi Electronic Game, Black. 4.5 out of 5 stars 8,118. Get it as soon as Thu, May 20.

14 results for 'tamagotchi connection v2' Tamagotchi 42833 On - Fairy (Blue) 4.7 out of 5 stars 7,013. 48 $59.99 $59.99. Get it as soon as Thu, May 20. FREE Shipping by Amazon. More Buying Choices $48.82 (10 used & new offers) Ages: 6 years and up. Best Seller in Electronic Pets. The Tamagotchi Connection V2 built upon the original Connection (Connexion/Plus) with the additional of the Gotchi Point system allowing you to purchase items in-game. Like the V1, the V2 lacks the antenna featured on the V3 through V5.5, so telling them apart at a glance can be tricky.

Tamagotchi Connection

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  • Tamagotchi Connection Version 1 instructions originally on Bandai's Canadian site, now archived by us.
  • Tamagotchi Connection Version 2 Instructions via Tama's Rule via TamaTalk.
  • Tamagotchi Connection Version 3 Instructions U.S. version 3 via Bandai's site
  • Tamagotchi Connection Version 4 Instructions via Bandai
  • Tamagotchi Version 5 via Bandai
  • Tamagotchi Version 6 Music Star via Bandai
  • Bandai also posts some instructions and tips on their U.S. site.

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Tamagotchi Connection Instructions is part of the Tamagotchi Connection Information Center.

The Instructions below are for the Tamagotchi Plus, very similar to Tamagotchi Connection and were provided by Bandai in their Japanese 3 Feb 2004 press release.

All functions above are controlled from the three buttons below the screen.The 'left' button is called 'A', the 'middle' button is called 'B' and the 'right' button is called 'C'.

'A' lets you scroll clockwise thru icons at the bottom of the screen to select a function.

'B' is used to select a function once you highlight it with 'A'. It also scrolls through the informationin each function and is used to set the time and date.

'C' is used to return to the main screen from within a function or to unselect all functions in the main screen.

The 'skull icon' means your Tamagotchi is ill and needs at least one dose of medicine.

You can connect your Tamagotchi Connection to another one (if they are both old enough) by using the 'A' button to select the 'heart' icon in the top right corner of the screen. Point the keychain end of each Tamagotchi at each other, then press the 'B' button twice. When you get them connected,they will automatically play games with each other, or visit and leave presents.

Be sure to turn out the light when your Tamagotchi sleeps at night, he will automaticallyturn it on when he wakes up.

Up to fifty friends can be stored along with the level of friendship: aquaintance, buddy, friend,good friend, best friend, true partner (indicated by the number of smiley faces).

TamagotchiSquare offers some tips from translations of two Japanese books providing hintsfor raising Tamagotchi Plus (the Japanese version of Tamagotchi Connection).

The books are Bandai's Tamaplus Raising Guide (Japanese title is 'Kaettekita TamagotchiPlus Suku Suku Sodatekata Guide') and the Bandai Playing Book (Kaettekita! Tamagotchi to Asobu Hon').

Tamagotchi Plus has meters for Hunger, Happiness and Discipline. The books speculatethere are three other variables of importance (Luck Level, Body Needs, and Heart/Spirit).

Luck Level ranges from one to five. If Tamagotchi's Luck level is high, they will beoffered more disciplined (higher discipline level) parters in arranged marriages. Luck Levelis fixed at birth and never changes, but marrying a higher Luck Level partner increasingLuck Level of the resulting offspring.

How to work a tamagotchi

Body Needs are food, health and discipline.

Tamagotchi Connection Anleitung

Heart Needs are happiness, sleep and comforting.

Reacting to all calls within 15 minutes, turning light off within one hour of going to sleepat night and sucessfully playing at least 20 steps in the games (hurdles or dance) help Body Needs and Heart Needs. Tuneskit drm review.

Tamagotchi Connection has three buttons just like the original Tamagotchi. They generallyoperate the same way. Several years ago, we posted the original Tamagotchi instructions in four parts:
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Apr 27, 2008 Please note that all Tamagotchi news, Tamagotchi tips and cheats, Tamagotchi rumors, Tamagotchi codes, Tamagotchi help, Tamagotchi guides, Tamagotchi logs and all other areas of TamaTalk.com are submitted by the community. As such, we can not take responsibility for what is posted (but will do our best to clean it up). Apr 11, 2007 To fill up your tamagotchi's 'Hunger' feed it a MEAL. To fill up your tamagotchi's 'Happy' meter feed it some snacks, play some games, or sometimes when you use items your tamagotchi will turn happy (finding a sunflower in your tamagotchi's PLANT). The next thing you should see is a 'Training' bar. Tamagotchi connection ds. This shows your tamagotchi obedience.

Tamagotchi Connection Version 3 Codes

The following is a collection of Tamagotchi Connection Version 3 Codes. If I'm missing any, please let me know.


Tamagotchi Connection How To Use Items Free

  • AABBCACB: Cost: 2800 Points.
    This code will give you the Remote Control Car. It will appear under the Items menu. You can have your Tamagotchi play with this item.
  • CACABABC: Cost: 2500 Points.
    This code will give you a Stuffed Animal. It will appear under the Items menu. This code will make your Tamagotchi character dress up like Nyatchi. (Japanese P2 character)
  • ACBBBACC: Cost: 400 Points.
    This code will give you the Hairgel item. It will appear under the Items menu. When used it will give your Tamagotchi character a funky hairstyle.
  • ABBAACBA: Cost: 600 Points.
    This code will make the Cake item appear in the Snacks menu. Your Tamagotchi can eat this.
  • BCABACBC: Cost: 800 Points.
    This code will make the Steak item appear in the Meal menu. Your Tamagotchi can eat this.
  • CBACCABC: Cost: 4000 Points.
    This code will give you the Cuckoo Clock. It will appear under the Items menu. When used near the top of the hour, it will make a cute Cuckoo animation and sound.
  • BCBCCABA: Cost: 2000 Points.
    This code gives the Love Potion. The love potion is very important. When your Tamagotchi boy and girl reaches the age of 7, they will need to become good friends before they can have children. Typically this involves connecting several times to build up the friendship up to four happy faces all the way up to four hearts. Sometimes there's simply not enough time to do this. So this is where the Love Potion comes in handy. First you feed this item to one of the adult Tamagotchi and than connect the two Tamagotchi. Select Visit. It should only take once or so and the Love Potion should make your Tamagotchi fall in love. I did not have to use the Love Potion on both of my adults, but if it doesn't work you may want to try that.
  • Secret Item:
    The is a Costume. It looks sort of like a Batman costume. You can access the Costume from the Items menu. See information below for details on obtaining this item.

How to use these codes: Go to the shop and press the 'A' button (left button) several times. Eventually the shop keeper will get a shocked expression on his face. At this time start entering the key combinations above. You will only hear beeps as you enter the codes. The left button is 'A' the middle button is 'B' and the right button is 'C'.

If you enter the code exactly than you will get the item associated with the code. The first time you enter these codes you will not have to pay any Gotchi Points. But be prepared, any times after your first free one and you must have the Gotchi Points to be able to obtain these items again.


Secret Item: There is a small trick to this. When you enter all of the codes in a row, the last 7th code you enter will not yield the item I have listed above. Instead you will get a secret item - the costume. To get the 7th item you will need to enter it again.

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Tamagotchi Connection 4 Buttons

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