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Apr 26, 2008
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I was having problems with TM announcing that my disk was full so after erasing (using Mac OS Extended journaled), re-partitioning it with one partition and checking permissions etc. I set TM to backup to my 2TB external HD connected by Firewire. When the backup reaches within about 50Gb of the initially announced total this total keeps increasing so that TM never stops and I did let it run for 13 hours to be sure !
When I stopped TM the TM 'mask' (in Time Machine Preferences) announced latest Backup None, and the next of course none as I'd switched TM to off.
This sort of thing has happened before during the last few days, which is why I let it run all night to see what happened. The number of GB backed up never reaches the total, as the 'of GB' keeps increasing.
TM and CCC have been running for years (each on its' own external HDD, daisy chained together via firewire) without problem until very recently.
Having formatted and checked the external HDD I'm now supposing there's something wrong with the TM app?
Does anyone have any ideas?
Next Day:
I can't use Ctrl+R on booting as the App.Store doesn't give me access to upgrading/repairing Mavericks.
It seems that there is only one solution left: re-install Mavericks? I have Mavericks on a Flash Drive. Can I run Mavericks over Mavericks? What I mean is, whilst the Mac is running on Mavericks can I insert my flash drive with Mavericks on it and do an install? If I can, will that wipe everything or just repair the OS?
Thanks in advance for any help. - Garoolgan
MacBook Pro late 2011 running OS X 10.9.5

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