Super Mario 64 Ios

Posted By admin On 30/08/21
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This is a recreation of the level, “Bowser in the Dark World” in Super Mario 64. As our final project, our group of five had about six weeks to clone the game as best we could, without ripping any asset from the game (except the font), meaning that everything seen is custom made.

Controls: Use WASD to move, arrows to rotate the camera, SPACE to jump. Hold SHIFT while running to long jump, and SHIFT + SPACE to do the backflip.

To win, jump in the pipe! For a surprise, grab all 8 red coins and get the star!

Teammates: Andrew, Ariana (Me), Connor, Emma, Nick.

Additional help: Mario VO (my uncle), and music was collaborated with my friend Angelina.


Note: For some reason, the background music won't loop in WebGL, but is fine in other builds and in the project itself (see video below).

Made withUnity

Super Mario 64 on the Web! Super Mario Odyssey 64 May 22 2018 Released 2018 Platformer. Finally got around to playing Odyssey and realized how cool it's physics are. This recreates what i remembered about Odyssey in Mario 64's engine.

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Super Mario 64 Download Ios

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i made the whole game

im curious if i can do a backwards long jump like in the offical super mario 64 game

Great idea, impossible to control.
WASD is a nightmare, and the camera are the arrow keys.
Would you add controller support please?

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YEEEES finally a 3d game that isnt trash

Super Mario 64 Ios

hey, this is pretty good! can you make it download?

It REALY loads alot....its probably my signal :<

This is a pretty cool remake. The voice clips make me giggle though, hehe.

For a 6 week project, I'd say you did fine.

Super Mario 64 Ios

Super Mario 64 Ios 13

The controls don't feel great but they are good enough to traverse the level with ease.

I hope you got a good grade!

Oh, and this guy made a video about it where they seem to struggle with the controls for no reason.

Thank you so much! And we did get a good grade, thank you :)
I honestly didn't think this would get attention to have since it was just a final project for a class. Thanks for showing me this!

Wow, I can't even tell the difference between this and the original game ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)