Starbound Best Mech Weapon

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  1. Starbound Best Mech Weapon Recipe
  2. Starbound Best Mech Weapons
Solus Katana Mech Arm
Mech Component
A powerful mech weapon made for Asra Nox's 'Swansong' mech.
Energy Usage0.30 MJ/s
  1. Starbound Best Mech Weapon May 24 2020 Combat is as big of a part of Starbound as it's ever been, if not more so with the game's new bosses and sub-bosses.
  2. A detailed weapon stats readout for swords and guns. Some Of The Best Starbound Mods. This mod gives you a bunch of big ol’ mechs to clomp around in.
  3. The Soldier is a Ranged Tank that performs best with Two-Handed ranged weapons, but can still utilize One-Handed Ranged Weapons fairly well. The Soldier's skills mostly improve utility and defense. The Soldier does more damage while it's energy is high, and can randomly stun enemies while hitting them. 1 Stats and Info: 1.1 Class Weapon: Versa 1.1.1 Level 15: Versa 1.1.2 Level 30: Versa Impact.
  4. In the two years since the 2D craft-’em-up’s official release – and a full five years after it first hit early access — developer Chucklefish has only added more, putting out three significant updates that have introduced beefy new features like the chance to terraform planets, to upgrade weapons, and — crucially — to go fishing.

Every New Starbound 1.3 Mech Weapon! Let's play Starbound 1.3 preview RC3 2017-06-03: Upgrading Mechs to be Faster & Better Armed Let's play Starbound 1.3 preview RC3 2017-06-02: Building A Space Station & Trading Goods Let's play Starbound 1.3 preview RC2 2017-06-01.

Legendary 6200

Solus Katana Mech Arm is a arm part mech component which can be collected after defeating the boss Swansong.

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It's the only mech weapon with a power rating of 5. This arm component can be equipped on either or both mech arm slots.

Starbound Best Mech Weapon Recipe

It's a melee weapon, and allows the player to lunge forward to strike.

Starbound Best Mech Weapons



  • itemName: mecharmsoluskatana

File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem mecharmsoluskatana
File Name mecharmsoluskatana.item
File Path assetsitemsgenericmechpartsarm
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