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  1. Sonny with a chance so sketchy game, sonny with a chance so sketchy game - Have you imagined that one day, you will be lost in another world with the lively jungle, gorgeous ice land and wonderful under sea in which you will have your chance to play with many cute animals and enjoy the splendid scenes.
  2. Sonny with a chance so sketchy game, sonny with a chance so sketchy game - This time you have the chance to be a vet, an animal doctor. Your goal in this game is to take care of your animals. You need to reducing the pain and swelling of your pet by giving them medication to.
As we have promised we are back with another new and beautiful online category for you guys, another new category in which this time you will have as main characters your friends from the Disney channel serie, Sony with a Chance. Here we want to offer you all the existing games with your friends, but first of all we invite you to read a few detailes about them and the story of the serie, so that you can understand better the games. Allison 'Sonny' Jade Monroe is the main character and protagonist of Sonny With a Chance. When she made a goofy ,but apparently amazing, video and uploaded it onto the Internet, the So Random! crew saw it and wanted her on their show, which coincidentally happened to be her favorite show and she accepted it imediately. Sonny is a beautiful, talented girl with a smiling face and laughing, dark eyes. Her teeth are white like pearls and she looks really nice. As a new cast member at So Random!, Sonny wanted to make her first impression a good one, which turned out to be quite a task when Tawni wasn't the amazing role model Sonny had always imagined and she got really siapointed when she first met her . Sonny is often prone to use extreme measures to get her desired outcome, like when she pretended to be her own biggest fan, leading to her tricking the entire cast and even dressing like a guy, which ended up in a disaster. Still, Sonny is a nice, caring, intelligent, helpful, often goofy, eccentric person, if somewhat naïve, but she loved her friends very much and she would do anything for them. Chad Dylan Cooper is one of the characters from the serie, an actor who plays Mackenzie on the show MacKenzie Falls and is now the newest star of So Random!. He usually wears the MacKenzie Falls cast uniform, but outside of the studio he dresses casually. Despite his egotistical and selfish behavior, Chad can be very caring and compassionate, mostly towards Sonny whom she get to love . While dating Sonny, he had a changed personality, but he would rather choose himself over Sonny each time, which led to them breaking up eventualy . Twni Hat has an on and off friendship with Sonny , as they seem to be sometimes enemies, sometimes best friends . She is a self-absorbed, diva-type teenager who wants to have the spotlight to herself, which makes her feel gelous of Sonny. Here in this new category of games we would like to offer you as many new games as possible with your favourit characters from the serie Sony with a Chance, so join us and have a lot of fun!

Hi men, ladies and gentlemen, fishes and frogs. Here comes the next chapter of so sketchy? So random!

Sonny with a chance so sketchy, sonny with a chance so sketchy - You've had a crazy hair day, but how about a crazy HAT day? Casual day at school or at work means you have a chance to show your fun and creative side with all kinds of crazy and unique hats! So sketchy game from sonny with a chance.

So I am in a VERY good mood today because I have only half a day left in school! Yeah we finish at 12:30 and then if all goes to plan I am gunna walk into town with my mates :) and I only have 3 weeks till my holiday and the inevitable hiatus that comes with it :) also I have a pretty good social life for the summer and I don't know how much I will be able to write

so yeah this chapter is a continuation of the cliffy in last chapter (obviously) it is pretty different from the wrest of the story and is a bit depressing well not depressing but there is some action, against sonny and Chad I'm sorry to say. But it keeps things moving so yeah.


Sonny is a bit ooc in this chapter, but it is a natural reaction to being.. read the story and you'll find out :)

disclaimer: I (L) swac, but according to my hands I also (L) maisie, sarah and charlee but I dont own them. So no I don't own swac :(

What happened last time:

'wow the view is so beautiful, Chad' sonny gasped as she took in the view

'yes it is' I said looking at her, uninterested in the view outside. Smooth 'oh you mean that view, its a'ight' sonny giggled and I put my arm around her, she snuggled into my shoulder so I must have had the most ridiculous grin on my face but I didn't care. It was just perfection until I spotted something. Or re-phrase it better someone! Lets just say the snooty waiter had been replaced with someone else. Someone I knew only too well!

'what are you doing here?' I snarled, getting out of my seat with my arm still around sonny. The new waitress looked up and smiled evilly

'ah, we've been waiting for you!'

Chad's pov

suddenly all the other diners turned and got out of their seats. They removed their costumes (an think like Penelope in sonny with a secret but lots of people at once) and stood in front of us was the former cast of Mackenzie falls, i.e. the cast of so sketchy!

'you idiot, you thought that lookout mountain had become a restaurant? Well I gotta give you props even after you left us you just carried on helping us' portlyn said nastily, sneering at sonny like she disgusted her. How dare she look at m'lady like that!

'you even used the tapped laptop I gave you last Christmas to research for your date?' Devon said coming up from behind portlyn. 'I was working for the press the whole time and you never noticed a thing!'

'Devon? You did this to me?' I shouted angrily, sonny buried her face in my shoulder. Our date. Ruined! I could feel her sobbing and rather than wonder how all those salty tears would stain my jacket I just rubbed comforting circles on her back. It must be love!

'yeah, the puppy shover? That was me! Some of my best work I think' Devon bragged as the so sketchy cast laughed in our faces, I could feel my face reddening with anger and I stared at my former best friend and wanted to hit him for doing that to me and m'lady

'my best friend' I muttered in disbelief as Devon and Trevor high fived, sonny pulled her face from my should and faced them

'what are you doing here anyway? Have you even got a purpose or do you just get a kick out of ruining our date?' sonny said confidently staring at portlyn square in the eyes

'well we figured, if so random is missing two members in the competition. Which starts tomorrow by the way, then we've got a higher chance of winning' Penelope said coming to stand next to Trevor 'the costume thing was my idea by the way'

'oh yeah but how are you going to do that then?' I asked them. But this was quickly answered when Ferguson and Trevor grabbed sonny and pulled her away from me, then my former best-friend Devon and Skyler took hold of both my arm and restrained me from running to save sonny.

But this was quickly answered when Ferguson and Trevor grabbed sonny and pulled her away from me, then my former best-friend Devon and Skyler took hold of both my arm and restrained me from running to save sonny.

'you see this is my part of the plan' Dakota condor said walking into the fake-restaurant with trey and James on her flanks. I saw James give sonny a cheeky wink when Dakota back was turned but I growled at him (Seriously I was that mad!) and he jumped back. But I saw him make the 'call me' sign to her with his hands. 'tie them up' Dakota ordered 'and throw them in the basement of this place'

'b-but I th-thought it isn't a real restaurant?' I said struggling as Devon and Skyler forced rope around my hands, feet, arms pretty much anywhere they could reach (an not there! Stop being dirty minded! Not that I am..) 'why would there be a basement'

'it isn't, but there's a useful cave below where we built this temporary place. So we're going to call it the basement. Just like the fake-club you tricked me with about a year ago. But we're doing it better, you see ours wont fall in on you. Or maybe it will and do our work for us'

'cave? Will it be dark?' sonny whimpered as she was forcefully binded too

'yes of course' Dakota said sniggering as sonny's face viably paled

'stop it! Just STOP IT! Cant you see that she's scared?' I yelled at them as they pulled back the floorboards of the restaurant revealing a trapdoor below with a large iron handle with a old fashioned lock on the side. They just laughed at my outburst and brought out a large iron key that matched the lock and turned it in the lock.

'yes' trey said


'but we don't care' said James. By this time sonny had tears running down her face and looked at me desperately as the trapdoor was opened to reveal steps leading to a very dark hole that didn't look like it was going to get any brighter

Disney Channel Sonny With A Chance So Sketchy Game

'please, no!' sonny begged as her captors pulled her toward the whole in the ground that she was eyeing with much disgust.

'just l-let her go' I shouted as I was tugged towards it as well. 'oh, and me too!'

'wait one second. We forgot something!' Dakota announced 'take their phones!'

'can we keep them?' asked Chloe

'if you want' Dakota said. Penelope and Chloe then went through our pockets till she found our phones. They argued over who got my amazing iphone and the cow phone sonny had. Chloe lost and with a lot of grumbling stomped out of the room. She had always been a drama-queen, that's why we hired her for the falls in the first place!

'now put them down there!' Dakota shouted and the cast jumped to it. Its weird how such a small girl has so much power. sonny shut her eyes tight as she was pushed down the stairs and she screamed when she hit the bottom of them

'SONNY!' I yelled and I was strangely grateful when I was put down there because I could see sonny again. Well not see her, but be with her. Because it was too dark too see her!

'come on we need to get rested for the big competition tomorrow that some people wont be attending' a snobby voice wavered into the cavern as the trapdoor slammed shut, concealing us in darkness. I heard a muffled sob and sonny scooted closer to me and snuggled on my arm

'Chad?' she said

'yeah sonshine?' I replied trying to make her smile

'its cold, and I'm scared' she shivered, emphasising what she said. I'd forgotten she was just wearing a strappy dress.

'awh come here' I said taking off my jacket and putting it around her

Sonny With A Chance So Sketchy Games

'mm thank you' she said and I put both me arms around her for comfort and warmth. We sat down on the cold hard floor and just snuggled there for a while.

'what are we going to do?' she asked my, still hugging my side

'I don't know, we'll have to stay down here for a while until someone finds us I guess'

'b-but what if they don't? I mean it could be years before anyone thinks to look down here' she started crying again as I could see her picturing all this in her head

Disney Games Sonny With A Chance So Sketchy

'sonny, no-' I tried to say but she cut me off

'and what if they just think we're dead? The press w-would go crazy thinking something tragic happened to us' she carried on more tears rolling down her cheeks

'but-' I tried again but once again she just carried on

'and my mum, god my mum will go crazy. What if we do die down here and they never find us?' she started shaking uncontrollably now

'sonny tha-' I butted in but she wouldn't let me

'what if tawni, Nico, Grady, zora and Riona think we've gone off together and just don't come back? They'll never forgive us and if they think we're dead or if we really are dead they'll be so.]' she shivered then went back to her rant 'and then so sketchy will take over so random and life will carry on like we never lived!'

'SONNY!' I shouted snapping her out of her half trance. I put my hands on her shoulders 'sonny that will never happen. After the competition Dakota and that lot will tear down the fake restaurant and people will find the trap door. They will be nosy and want to investigate and then they'll find us. Its as simple as 1,2,4'

'Chad?' sonny said


'you just got 123 wrong. You said 124' sonny said again 'that means it could happen'

'no it doesn't!'

'yes it does, we're going to die. Oh no oh no we're going to die! But I haven't even had the chance to live! I haven't had any kids, I have only one tween choice award. Oh no we're going to die and I'll never be free. I've been killed by the crazy mixed up world we call show-buis-' she started a diva fit and I could see her silhouette from the crack in the trapdoor rocking back and forward and pulling away from me. She was shaking her head uncontrollably and had the impression of a mad person. Maybe she was going mad from being in here

'sonny, sonny, SONNY!' I said shaking her out of it 'I promise you that it is just a coincidence and nothing is going to happen to us. Someone will find us and going crazy will help no-one!'

'oh, okay. I'm sorry' she said settling down with her head on my chest and I put my arms around her

'its okay, I love you' I said smiling to myself as she couldn't see me

'I love you too' she said before sweetly kissing me on the mouth and resting her head back down on my chest. We stayed like that in comfortable silence until somewhere along the way we dropped off into a sweet slumber.

Neither of us remembering that I still had something that could get us out of there..

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and just thought id tell you, I found this list on the inter-web. Its all the upcoming episodes of swac:



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Cool right? :) I cant wait ffor sonny with a kiss 'wink wink'

lovin you always


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