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Hello all our dear visitors, we are currently suffering from some technical problems that we are trying hard to solve as soon as possible, so we promise you that the site will return in the next three days. We also tell you that this site is ready and includes everything you need.

Bonjour à tous nos chers visiteurs, nous souffrons actuellement de problèmes techniques que nous nous efforçons de résoudre le plus rapidement possible, nous vous promettons donc que le site reviendra dans les trois prochains jours. et comprend tout ce dont vous avez besoin.

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Dear clients,

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Follow this instruction: You will get an activation code on the next step. Start the app on your TV and wait for the 'Loading Portal' message to appear. Please enter the code from the next step using your TV Remote's number keys while you see the 'Loading Portal' message. For TV remotes or devices that do not have numbers on the remote control please press the Middle or Center key on your.

The app does not come with any TV Services.
You need to configure the app to get TV channels and content.
If you have a Portal URL, please read below how to activate the app.

Please follow the guide to activate your app via code.

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Step 1: Install the app on your device and open it. You will see the following message after a few seconds:

When you see this message press any of the number keys (0-9), the following screen will appear:

(Example device, information on above picture is for demonstration purposes, please do NOT enter this on our app and site)

Smart stb free activation code generator

This will be the place where you should enter Activation code that you'll receive later.

Step 2: Open our website and go to 'Try&Buy' tab, choose to activate a new trial.

You should see this screen:

(Example device, information on above picture is for demonstration purposes, please do NOT enter this on our app and site)

Depending on region, you may see Software ID. Once you enter the code, Software ID will appear automatically.

Please do not enter or change Software ID unless instructed by support!

You can enter your Portal URL. If you want - you can enter it later.
We can not give you any Portal URL
This is the URL you need to get from your IPTV Provider of your choice.
The app does not include any TV services, Portals, channels or playlist.
You must bring your own Portals into the app.

Enter Activation Code on the TV.

(Example device, information on above picture is for demonstration purposes, please do NOT enter this on our app and site)

Smart Stb Free Activation Code

If you did everything right, you should now see this message on your TV:

Step 3: Please enter all necessary details needed for the registration, you should see the trial in the shopping cart like this:

Step 4: After a successful registration, you should see this screen in your browser:


(Example device, information on above picture is for demonstration purposes, please do NOT enter this on our app and site)

Smart Stb Free Activation Code 2020

Please note this is very important, especially if your provider authenticates clients via MAC addresses, you should give your Virtual MAC to your provider in order to activate access to their Portals for your TV app.

Subscription with your IPTV Provider or Portal is separate from the TV app.

This step is a must, please note we don't have control over TV provider subscription systems and we cannot do this for you, most TV providers have automated system on their websites!

Smart Stb Free Activation Code Download

Step 5: If everything is set correctly from your TV provider, you should see this loading bar on your device:

That's it, your app is now successfully configured to work with your TV provider and you can enjoy watching TV and other content! :)

Please also read:

How To Activate Smart Stb App

Note: Some providers may not be able to give you access.

Provider access is not in our control.

We do not offer or operate IPTV access, channels or providers.