Slendytubbies 2

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Video upload powered by Slendytubbies 2. The slendytubbies are back, creepier, scarier and louder than ever. If you find it thrilling to roam the sewers' tunnels while pale creatures with sharp teeth are observing your every move, and if you don't mind waiting 280 MB file to load, than this is a horror game worth checking out.

Slendytubbies 2

The slendytubbies are back, creepier, scarier and louder than ever. If you find it thrilling to roam the sewers' tunnels while pale creatures with sharp teeth are observing your every move, and if you don't mind waiting 280 MB file to load, than this is a horror game worth checking out.

WARNING This game file is huge. 280 MB is a lot. It might take a while before you can play. Please, either be patient or switch to some other game.


Let's remind ourselves in short about the first part of this game called Slendytubbies ( You all have probably heard about teletubbies, an extremely irritating TV show for toddlers. These creatures whine and grin all day long, so much, that it becomes scary. The question the author of this game asked was, what would happen if these creatures suddenly got the killer instinct of let's say Slender-man. Base idea was to place the player in the middle of the woods, give him a map and a task to collect 'tubby custard' in a pitch dark. And if one of these creatures suddenly comes out of the woods all spattered in blood and starts screaming, there is no way you won't feel goosebumps all over. In any case, there are lots of jumpscares, and those are the best part of this game. However, it is pity that you are completely unarmed. And to quote our user Creepyalex who said '..never liked those bastards anyway. I only wish I could stab/shoot them with something' - well, I couldn't agree more!

About Slendytubbies 2

Ok, we got a new sequel, so let's see what's new and what's not, and what can one expect to get out of this game. Some people might actually read this, while waiting for the game to load, and it's quite HUGE file - 280 MB! It took me about 5 minutes on my 25MB/s connection. On a slower connections, it could last anywhere from 15 minutes to half hour. First of all, the file is big probably because it's been made with new engine I talked about in 'about the author' below. It has also Oculus Rift and 3D Anaglyph support. Regarding controls, instead of explaining each and every one, I'm just gonna put the screenshot. The first surprise was to see multiple maps. 'Secret Lair', 'Secret Center', 'Lake', 'Teletubby Land (night)', 'Tubbycraft' are only some of them, as there are 10 different maps in total. You can change the difficulty level by scrolling 'custard amount ruler' from the minimum of 1 to the maximum of 25.At first I thought that big metal thingy was some sort of gun I could use to shoot at tubbies, but it turned out that was just a camera. Something similar is used in 'Outlast' horror, where you can also record, zoom in and zoom out creatures coming out of the pitch black darkness. That could only give you a slight advance in discovering the right moment to turn around and run like hell. Fortunately, there is a button for running, and you are going to use that one a lot.

What do others think about this game? (who really cares :) )

I'll just quote few comments I've read online on other gaming portals. Please leave your own impressions in comment box above (login required). 'Awesome game', 'sooooo scary', 'think I just crapped my pants' , 'it takes a long time to load'..

About The Author

Sean Toman is a programmer and designer from Belfast, UK. We heard about him for the first time when he released 'Midnight Man', 3D Unity horror game you had chance to play on ( After 'Midnight Man', we had 'Slendytubbies', than 'Minotaur Maze', 'ERROR#53', 'Rhythm Master' and finally 'Slendytubbies II' and 'Unknown Asylum'. Most of his games are released for linux or windows PC. In case I dig out another game made in Unity and playable online, I will certainly get it uploaded here at once. The latest project which comes from this man is ZeoWorks' Terror Engine - software platform which puts you in control of making your own fully customizable 3D horror game. Amazing!

YouTube Videos

And of course, you tube is overwhelmed by videos of players who want to share the horror they felt while playing slendytubbies 2. Here's how that looks when Markiplier plays it with with YAMIMASH in multiplayer mode.

ChochiPRO : scary :O

BadEverDayXD : po :d

thecrazyone : wasnt the scary but it kinda still was at the same time..

SpoopzMasterPinky : slendytubbies is a mixture of 2 words.slender and telletubies.slender comes from slender man which i a weird creepypasta that has had tons of games since in started.some people created the word slender,and so it lived on.telletubies is a TV show that i used to watch as a kidAND I HAD NIGHTMARES EVERY NIGHT BECAUSE THE BABY FACE SUN SCARED ME SO MUCHbut i liked tinky winky

tecmine : It Was Barely Done And It Said ERROR

ʀɨօȶ ʀǟȶ : Y U NO WORK?! xD

Buttercup : i know it might take a while to come up but This is not letting me play!):

Mechi : i cant play itno puedo jugar, me aparese error

dark : I'll see what I can do with this game. Maybe I'll just embed it from elsewhere.

D3RK_KNIGHT : still dont works,but when i play on other website,GREAT GAME!

scary_kid : it takes a while to load but after loading I'm getting the black screen only.. :(

KevShin007 : damn scream

Scientist : My google chrome browser was full of ads because my brother downloaded The Forest.But he fixed it today,deleted chrome and installed opera.Now i can finnaly play this yeah!

kigogie11 : All it needs is unity right? then it will work?

D3RK_KNIGHT : pretty good game! Ilayaraja tamil love sad songs free download.

Eirikpeirik05 : wait dipsy are creppy face

!Cuzwhy : lol

H2ODELIRIOUS57 : it was almost done and it said error


HellaRadKawaiiCat : The webplayer is easy to install and hen you can play many of the other games that are lurking around on this website. Personall these kinds of games are 2spoopy and I don't like them very much because of sudden jumpscares.

rainbowsgoboom : I have Unity yet it still wont cooperate xD

Lord Legender : About when it was halfway done loading(which took a few minutes)it said 'error'.

Entire_Skys : Mine just pops up saying ERROR????

Allondra22 : It wont work for me I dunno why it just says ERROR :( I really wanna play I beat slendy tubbies already :I

dark : like half of the games are made in Unity. Just go to and download installation for windows. it should be easy

Slendytubbies 23

Silent Killer : I can't play this one, I have to install the unity web player first :(

Slendytubbies 2 Game Play For Free

KevShin007 : omg I broke my headphone