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Extreme Violence is a mod by Sacrifical Mods that lets your sims get into fights with other sims, steal their money, and even has some deadly interactions for your sims to participate in. If you enjoy a more realistic and less idealistic type of gameplay in The Sims 4 you can definitely add this to your game, instead of playing with a perfectly. If you are looking for Models/sims 4 Wrestling Mod you've come to the right place. We have 10 images about Models/sims 4 Wrestling Mod including images, pictures, photos, wallpapers, and more. In these page, we also have variety of images available. Such as png, jpg, animated gifs, pic art, logo, black and white, transparent, etc. Ashlotte and Veronika face off in a one-on-one match.Like the facebook page: VOICE ACTORS 💪:Rosemary Lucas, as Ash. Be the Booker Wrestling fantasy booking with wrestling simulators and games. Pro Wrestling Promoter - Pro Wrestling Simulator - TEW2020 - TEW2016 - TEW2013 - TEW2010 - TEW2005 - TEW2004 - EWR - Promotion Wars - WWE2K22 - WWE2K20- Fire Pro Wrestling World - The Wrestling Code - AEW Elite GM - Journey of Wrestling - TNM7.

The Sims game is a very interesting one to play, this article is going to list out some of the mods which you can use to enjoy and update your game.

Most times keeping track of mods that are working is something hard to do because some mods haven’t been tended to in years, sometimes the main game updates break them or add extra features that make the mods obsolete.

Having that in mind, here is an updated collection of the to 22 best mods for the Sims 4, up to date and ranges from the little and tiny to the life-changing.

Our List Of Best Sims 4 Mods

Sims 4 Wrestling Mod

Be sure that you do not miss out in reading the installation guides and instructions for each of these mods, also try to check if there are any conflicts so as to make sure that you are not running two mods that would clash.

Custom food interactions

This mod is good if you want more culinary creativity, the Custom Food Interactions mod is the only recommended place you could start.

It however, doesn’t add any new ingredients or recipes to the already existing ones in the game—it only adds new possible interactions to your cooking equipments and along with an updated menu framework that lets you make a fridge full of interesting meals from other modders’ kitchens.

With this mod installed, you can move on over to the ModTheSims custom food section and pick from the menu. Right there you will find recipes for each and everything, all from Chinese dumplings to beignets, blueberry cheesecake to biriyani.

You could also grab an optional bib to make sure you don’t accidentally pour saliva on your keyboard while salivating.

Building your own houseboat

If you ever get tired of living on land this mod allows you to take to water, it transforms decorative boat models in the game into full-on houseboats.

They look quite pretty but the spaces can be a bit limited which means that you’ll have to get creative as to what kind of furniture you try to pack into them. If you are a minimalist designer this is really a good choice.

If you also have the outdoorsy feeling, then this particular mod can help you to add a custom fishing location just by the side of your home.

Emotional Inertia

The Sims game has a lot of emotional bunch, in fact their moods flip within seconds like a light switch. Just by doing the simplest kind of activities like; having an good meal in a room that is well decorated would fill them with the most joy for a few hours, but then the feeling dosent last, it will vanish.

If this is not what you really like, or you just think that the system is just somehow too easy to control, then this is the right mod you should download, the Emotional Inertia.

It makes emotions to be more meaningful: emotions now last longer and become harder to override and then it would require more to reach the upper ranks of each of the emotions.

You will no longer have a problem whether your Sims are up or down, which makes your gaming feel a bit more like real they are real people.

Get a job Mod

This modders adds new careers to the ModTheSims every week. so if you’re ever looking to explore for inspiration or on which direction to steer your Sim in, then try to give it a browse.

The imagination behind these careers are impressive, most of which gives you a fully-fleshed out path to follow. Whether you want to become a bowling champ, a cook, a game developer, an engineer, a professional hacker or an investigator, you can now follow your dreams.

Become a Sorcerer

Do you ever miss the magic of previous Sims games? The become a Sorcerer mod adds a hearty serving of the supernatural, it lets your Sims sling magic spells which can either suck the sadness out of a friend or take down an enemy with a bolt of lightning or fire balls.

The mod requires you to touch lump of clay, then choose one of three available rituals—they will determine which of the Needs that would be replaced with new magical ones.

Using the magic frequently helps strengthen your powers which unlocks new spells only that it also depletes your “Magical Connection” (your mana bar, basically), which you can replenish by draining another sim or yourself.

Being an evil or good sorcerer depends on your choices, if you lean towards good or evil, which changes the kinds of spells you can cast.

If you choose doing good, you can eventually bring back ghosts to life, but if you feel that doesn’t sound like fun, just set everywhere on fire instead. This is a sure way to liven your game up if you are bored.

New personality traits

The Sims 4 has long list of traits which can change the way a Sim behaves, and because this lists makes it relatively easy for modders to create you can as well quickly expand that list through a custom content.

The Gamer trait, for example, which allows Sims to improve their gaming skills and also their programming skills faster, while the Functional Robots group of traits allows you to spawn human-machine hybrid Sims,

There are a lot of individual traits that are available on ModTheSims, another option is to grab pre-made packages of traits. It will make your Sims natural barmen, sales people, dancers etc.

True Happiness

The main idea behind this mod from roBurky is to help make your Sims’ happiness “natural, meaningful, and somewhat personal”. In the normal gameplay, ‘happy’ is everyone’s default state, but with the help of this mod your Sims will just be simply ‘fine’ most of the time.

The happiness can come whern something really special happens to them, things such as meeting a new partner, ripping through a good workout or eating a tasty meal. These various events, which are of course many, will make the game realistic by boosting their mood for a while.

The ‘fine’ mood doesn’t mean the characters of the game would look grumpy though.

The Sims 4 Wrestling Mod

Old French Village

Bring the antiquity to the Sims 4 with this beautiful and charming mod. You can have a village of old-fashioned cottages. The houses to choose from are ten houses which varies in grandeur as well as a pub and café for when your Sims feel peckish.

Somehow, one of the mods-modder catdenny has made the village by using only default assets that can be gotten from the game, which is also very impressive.

It actually means that there are slight variations in each style, but if you are a great fan of European architecture then this mod would probably won’t bug you. It sure just a nice place to live.

You can even add the village in ‘Manage Worlds’, but this will only fit in 64×64 vacant lot. Sadly, the plots in the game are not big enough which leaves you with the option of travelling to Brindleton Bay (part of the Cats & Dogs expansion) or Windenburg (from Get Together) to find such a viable plot.

Get to college

Sims 4 Wrestling Mod

The simmythesim’s Get to College mod have been mentioned before because it sure fills a gap that those who played The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 will noticeably feel. The mod however, have not been updated in a long time now, but luckily another modder has saved us by coming along to have this mod patched.

For now this mod only allows you pick one of three majors, carry out related activities and attend lectures, and study to get a good grade.

We hope that maybe one day we’ll get an official university expansion for The Sims 4, but If at all the mod doesn’t work for you, then this University Career mod is a recommended alternative, only thing is that it does not allow you to visit the classroom.

There are other mods to check out like the out Zerbu’s Go to School mod for those who are really interested in the academic lives of their younger Sims. You just have to make sure that you add a new Elementary School or High School to the neighbourhood for it to work.

Less ‘Musical Chairs’

This mod might sound boring, but if you agree with me, the sims’ seating habit is so weird. Another annoying part is how the move around whenever you are having conversations; whenever there are several Sims involved in a normal conversation it can look like an elaborate game of Musical Chairs.

Shimrod101 has helped to build a mod that fixes that, making it more real and likely that Sims will just stay put during discussions.

Turbo Careers

This is another mod from Zerbu, the Turbo Careers mod makes all adult careers function just like the active careers from the Get to Work expansion.

You can try downloading work venues from the Gallery also including ones with a combined function, or better still make your own. You just make sure that the right objects are available for the sims to do their job.

Some of the necessary activities in a career progression that are naturally related to the career—training, cooking, exercising—are available. A sim who is an athlete can go to the gym, one who is a musician can go for an audition or even receive field work for engineers


The height mod lets you to spawn Sims of different stature and also alter how tall they are. The GODJUL1 allows you to adjust the height of your sims to create a natural feel of variations to your sims world.

All you have to do is click and drag their feet which is found in the create-a-sim to either stretch or shorten their heights.

Replacement paintings

If your sim is an artist and have done up to five paintings a day or in a week, the same images start coming up over and over again.

This mod which is from DaisyTighfield helps to replace all the default paintings and cuts across all categories, it replaces them with images from around the web, interestingly it features lots of fan art from trending and popular movies and also video games.

If you fall in love with the photos, you can look up the links that are provided in order to find the original images on websites like Deviantart or other sites. You can even follow instructions on the mod page to create your own masterpieces for your Sims to paint in-game

Gender Preference mod

This Mod has a way of letting you change the preferences that your Sims have for their romantic partners of specific genders although in the sims 4 there are just two genders.

All you have to do for this Gender Preference Mod is adjusting the numbers so as to set your Sims to prefer one gender over the other, you could prefer one over the other or like both of them.

Risky WooHoo

This is another mod that brings The Sims closer to reality and is from the PolarBearSims. The sim gives the females who WooHoo a chance instead of expressly Try for Baby and still fall pregnant.

The mod allows you to adjust from a variety of different percentage risks where you can adjust the chances which are based on where your Sims are getting it and also the traits that these sims possess. The mod tweaks other aspects like pregnancy, introducing complications and possibly the infertility for some Sims.

One thing to take not is that the chances of getting pregnant can be manually adjusted in the MCCC and Risky WooHoo mod is also compatible with that mod.

The only difference is that the MCCC will overwrite the percentage chances. One thing to try out if you feel you want to change the game even more is to explore the Create a Sim ‘custom gender settings’ found in the base game.

They have been updated in the sims 4 and provides you with more options such as allowing couples who are of the same sex to fall pregnant. There are also other pregnancy mods you can download like the artulwww’s Pregnancy Mega Mod, which lets you do things like give birth to twins, quintuplets as many as possible.


Bills, Bills, Bills

This is a sim 4, best mod, a mod that you must have if you ever feel like making your family to feel the effect of having tremendous bills every week.

It is good if you want an added challenge to your game as the modder promises it will add more challenge without going to the extreme or being too ridiculous.

It makes the game realistic because in the sims 4, it is always easy anytime to pay the bills of the house. This particular mod become a point of contention for most gamers since the game becomes much more easier if you have a job that pays you so well.

New Traits!

There are a lot of trait slots that have been provided by modders for our sim families, this mod is available and important if you really want to go along with these additional trait slots that your sim can now hold.

For example, do you a sim who is absent-minded to be dazed by default? Then download the Sims 4 Traits Absent-Minded mod! Or maybe there is this Sim you are making who is a pleasure seeker but gets bored automatically in no time unless they keep doing things that are fun at all times?

Do your Sim seem like the really “hard to impress” Sim? It is okay, all you have to do is download the Rejoice Arrogant people and You will be able to get embarrassed after each failure you experience with the Arrogant Trait mod!

Want to be an ironic lover of things? Be one who professes hep attitudes or tastes (hipster). Be the hot and ever attractive sim? Then try the attractive trait mod or the optimist/cynic and also catch some paranoia or be socially awkward then still try out the New Traits mod, it is crazy, there is even this one among the traits that allows you to add 100 new traits all in one.

Sims 4 Wrestling Mod

So if you want to play around some new traits all at once. this mod for sure will let you add more traits that you need all at a time but mostly three traits at a time: it is easy you just have to type a quick cheat code and also include the name of your desired trait that you wish to add it to your Sim. Everything is explained on the mod page.

You can keep checking for new traits, because this mod is always updated every month. You could also read a guide for the best sims 4 mods if that is necessary for you.

Carry Over Lifetime Skills Mod

Are you tired of having your toddler who upon all the possible skill all maxed out becomes a moron immediately they age up? Yeah that dumb and annoying, but no need to bother yourself because that does no longer have to be the case.

Just like it happens in reality, your sim can work hard enough up to their skills as a toddler and still have all these skills when they become kids.

An example that the creator of this mod gave to make things clear. If you by any means increase both the mental and creativity skills as child, the mod will help you maintain those skills as a teen, not just that, you are going to enjoy a bonus boost to your handiness skill too

Normally, whenever you level up all the skills of both your toddler and child, they will then add points into the important and appropriate skill when they are grown.

There is an outline too where you can check how these skills are split up. This mod makes it possible for you not to be able to lose all your progress made as a toddler it should be an instant addition in our mods for Sims 4 game.

Have Some Personality Please!

One can easily say the way the sims’ personality work is a huge overhaul. It always varies a lot in the background (as you can read over the exhaustive list of description in the mod page) but the best thing so far about this is that it tries as much as possible to eliminate all the idle conversations in the sims’ game.

Sims 4 Wrestling Career Mod

There would be never a time when two sims will blab without aim to each other, or blab for nothing in particular: instead, the mod will help them to choose an interaction that is far more interesting than the initial.

Another interesting feature about this mod is that it does not just select the interactions at random, rather it selects them based on traits, the current mod of the sim and surprisingly the existing relationships between these two sims in question.

Magix music maker 2014 soundpools free download. This in fact gives your gaming experience a greater sense of reality and also a sense of autonomy than before. You would expect much more love kisses from lover interests and even “you suck” punches to any of your enemies.

MC Command Center

This is one of my best mod, it lets you to play around virtually with your sims’ lives which gives you control over them and also others in their world.

The Sims 4 Wrestling Mod

You can put certain clothing items on blacklist, this can be done even on the sim that you are not controlling. Categories like employment rates for sims of respective ages, pregnancy scanning of sims and of course the power to terminate these pregnancies.

The mod comes with lots of automatic settings that are geared towards letting Sims that you don’t control live full lives without you, get married and have babies, the mod also allows you to adjust some settings in the game so your Sims don’t spend half of the day to shower and have breakfast.

Sims 4 Wrestling Mod

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