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The Mod creator Nyx has created two amazing occult mods for The Sims 4. The mods work with Base Game so you don’t have to worry about having anything else. Mermaids -What are the features of the Mermaids?- Hydration need: – Let’s start with the hydration need, which will replace Hygiene. This need can be. Shrek would be proud. And that’s exactly the reason this mod exists in the. The Sims: Each Occult, Ranked From Worst To Best. In certain entries in the Sims series, players can interact with occult, creatures taken from myth and fantasy, and here is a ranking of each type. Okay, maybe not “wanted”, but at least were interested? Well, the Zombie Apocalypse mod is created by Sacrificial Mods. That is the same modder who is famously known for creating The Extreme Violence Mod. This The Sims 4 supernatural mod allows you to become a zombie by drinking a potion or being bitten by a zombie.


Qunari Horns collection by Valhallan: part 2 of 2 (part 1 here)

Finally! I’m so sorry this took me nearly 2 months, but the amount of work this asked was even more than I had thought it to be when I released the first part (not to mention the arm injuries related to colour swatches, lmao).

Like last time, these horns are from Dragon Age: Inquisition, where you can choose these horns if you play the ‘qunari’ race. The actual models for these horns were extracted from the game by the lovely Padme4000 on DeviantArt. The original models were made by Bioware, who made the game. I converted them to The Sims 4.

- Technically the second part of my 500+ follower gift, but I hit 1000 followers today! After effects cc 2017 crack dll torrent. Follower gifts for that coming very soon! ♥ Thank you all so much for following!
- 6 types of horns in 27 colours with white caps (caps 1 through 6, see the second picture for reference for the filenames))
- 6 types of black horns with caps in 27 colours (called ‘capscolored’ in the filenames, 1 through 6)
- 5 different horns in 27 colours with original decorative caps (caps 7 through 11)
- TL;DR: All the variations you see in the second picture have 27 swatches
- All LODs and correct bump map, custom made by yours truly
- Custom thumbnails
- Found under Hats
- For both male and female, age teen - elder
- Disallowed for random
- Correct colour flags

Sims 4 occult modsOccult

Credits: Bioware/Dragon Age: Inquisition for the original models, Padme4000 for the extraction from the game, Sims 4 Studio, @simsrocuted for her palette


TOU: Please do not re-upload or repost without my permission, and do not claim as your own. You are free to recolor and retexture, but do not include the mesh, please! If you use it in your game, you can tag me with my name ‘valhallansim’, I would love to see what you guys do with it!

PICK AND CHOOSE (seperate files for each horn style) DOWNLOAD
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Sims 4 occult hybrid mod

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Sims 4 Demon Cc

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Sims 4 Occult Mods

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