Sharry Konopski Died

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  • Sharry is the 11,232 nd most popular name of all time. As a last name Sharry was the 68,547 th most popular name in 2010. How many people with the first name Sharry have been born in the United States? From 1880 to 2019, the Social Security Administration has recorded 953 babies born with the first name Sharry in the United States.
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  • Sharry Lynn Konopski DeBolt, who twice posed for Playboy and who lived a colorful but sometimes tragic life, died Friday at the age of 49 from complications from pneumonia and other medical problems.

My Facebook friend Sharry Debolt (nee Konopski) left this earth August 25 after a long battle with lung cancer. She was a really nice, cool gal who said very lovely things to me before and after my wife died last year. Though we had little in common besides cancer and living in the same state, we nonetheless had a few interesting and funny FB conversations. Sharry was a bit rough around the edges, a straight-shooting girl-next-door in a timber town. She also was once considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful women.

645 votes, 14 comments. 229k members in the OldSchoolCoolNSFW community.

Sharry was Playboy’s Miss August 1987, and was my age. To my knowledge, she lived almost her whole life in or near Longview, Washington. I remember that we “met” when I came across her name on FB and sent her a funny story about friends and I – on our way back from Seaside, Oregon in ’88 or ’89 – debating going to a pizza parlor in Longview, seeing if the local celebrity was working that day. Sharry had worked there before, and a bit after, modeling for Playboy.

Sharry, by then a mother of two, avoided hitting some deer on a road near Longview one night in 1995, but the car accident left her a paraplegic. She went on to pose for Playboy again, a couple of years later. She made some personal appearances on the heels of her “comeback;” I once told her the story of how, in the late 90s, I intended to go down to a bar two blocks from my house in Seattle where she was signing autographs one night. I wound up falling asleep on the couch after work, and missing the whole thing.

Struggling with medical and living expenses for many years, Miss August had a very challenging life… but obviously was a fighter. Not too many shrinking violets come from Longview. I knew she was in the hospital, aware that it was serious, but I didn’t know it was dire… of course, I should know how close “serious” and “dire” can be. I figured that she’d bounce back again, and if I indeed went to Tahoe and Oregon this month I would bring her some flowers or something on the way back.

I feel badly that I didn’t think to just go see Sharry; I could’ve been there in three or four hours. For some reason, I always think there’s more time.

– Steve Stav

Here are 50 famous actresses from the world were born in 1967:

Kari Wührer

Kari Wührer(April 28, 1967 Brookfield-) also known as Kari Wuhrer, Kari Salin, Kari Samantha Wührer, Crash, Dawaywe, Kari Salin-Wührer, Kari Wührer Salin or Kari Samantha Wuhrer isan Americanactor, singer, musician, vj, film producer and model. Her children are called Enzo Scura, Echo Luna Scura and Evangeline Lotus Scura.

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Sam Taylor-Wood

Sam Taylor-Wood(March 4, 1967 Croydon-) otherwise known as Samantha Taylor, Samantha Taylor-Wood, Sam Taylor-Woods, Samantha Louise Taylor-Wood, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Samantha 'Sam' Taylor-Johnson, Sam, Taylor-Wood, Sam, Samantha Taylor-Johnson OBE or Samantha Taylor-Johnson isa Britishphotographer, film director, visual artist, actor, film producer and screenwriter. She has four children, Angelica Jopling, Jessie Phoenix Jopling, Wylda Rae Johnson and Romy Hero Johnson.

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Christine Tucci

Christine Tucci(January 19, 1967 Katonah-) also known as Christina Tucci isan Americanactor.

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Ajai Sanders

Ajai Sanders(April 24, 1967 North Trenton-) a.k.a. Ajai Richards isan Americanactor and comedian.

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Sharry Konopski

Sharry Konopski(December 2, 1967 Longview-)isan Americannude glamour model and actor. Her children are called Sierra and Spencer.

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Tina Bockrath

Tina Bockrath(June 30, 1967 Dayton-)isan Americannude glamour model and actor.

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Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith(November 28, 1967 Harris County-February 8, 2007 Hollywood) also known as Vickie Lynn Hogan, Vickie Lynn Marshall, Nikki Hart, Anna Nicole, Vickie Smith, Vicki Smith or Vickie Hogan wasan Americanadult model, actor, film producer, spokesperson, screenwriter, film director, model and stripper. Her children are called Daniel Wayne Smith and Dannielynn Marshall.

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Monique Noel

Monique Noel(April 28, 1967 Salem-) a.k.a. Monique Noel Lovelace or Monique de Lacy isan Americannude glamour model and actor.

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Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman(June 20, 1967 Honolulu-) a.k.a. Nichole Kidman, Nicole Mary Kidman, Nic, Nicole Mary Kidman, AC or 'Stalky' isan Australiansinger, actor and film producer. Her children are called Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, Isabella Jane Cruise, Faith Margaret Kidman Urban and Connor Cruise.

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Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham(March 16, 1967 Honolulu-) also known as Lauren Helen Graham or Lauren isan Americanactor, singer, novelist, television producer and voice actor.

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Moon Zappa


Moon Zappa(September 28, 1967 New York City-) a.k.a. Moon Zappa, Moon unit or Moon Unit Zappa isan Americanactor, musician, author, artist and writer. She has one child, Mathilda Plum Doucette.

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Akiko Hiramatsu

Akiko Hiramatsu(August 31, 1967 Tokyo-) also known as Hiramatsu Akiko, Akiko Hiramtsu or Hiramatsu, Akiko isa Japanesevoice actor and actor.

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Alicia Ashley

Alicia Ashley(August 23, 1967 Kingston-) also known as Slick isan Americanprofessional boxer and actor.

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Chanté Moore

Chanté Moore(February 17, 1967 San Francisco-) a.k.a. Chante Moore, Chanti Moore or Chanté Torrane Moore isan Americansinger, songwriter and actor. She has two children, Sophia Hardison and Kenny Lattimore Jr.

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Juhi Chawla

Juhi Chawla(November 13, 1967 Ludhiana-) a.k.a. Juhi S. Chawla, Miss. Juhi Chawla, Julie or Juhi isan Indianpresenter, actor, film producer, voice actor, model and playback singer. Her children are called Jhanvi Mehta and Arjun Mehta.

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Letitia Dean

Letitia Dean(November 14, 1967 Potters Bar-) also known as Letitia Jane Dean or Titia Dean isan Englishsinger, character actor and actor.

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Lisa Hammer

Lisa Hammer(April 4, 1967 Salem-) a.k.a. Lisa Houle, Lisa A. Stockton Houle, The Terror Twins, Lady Elizabeth Terror or Lisa A. Stockton Wilson isan Americansinger, actor, film director, film producer, film editor, screenwriter, cinematographer and film score composer.

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Liz Phair

Liz Phair(April 17, 1967 New Haven-) a.k.a. Lis Phair, Phair, Liz, Elizabeth Clark Phair or Elizabeth Clark 'Liz' Phair isan Americansongwriter, singer, singer-songwriter, actor, guitarist and composer. She has one child, James Nicholas Staskouskas.

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Lucia Rijker

Lucia Rijker(December 6, 1967 Amsterdam-) a.k.a. The Dutch Destroyer or Lucia Fredeca Rijker isa Dutchprofessional boxer and actor.

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Megumi Hayashibara

Megumi Hayashibara(March 30, 1967 Kita, Tokyo-) also known as Hayashibara Megumi, Daisaku, Megu-san, Megu-nee, Bara-san, Kakka or Daijin isa Japanesesinger, lyricist, actor, voice actor, radio personality, writer and registered nurse.

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Melanie Doane

Melanie Doane(December 19, 1967 Halifax-) a.k.a. Doane, Melanie isa Canadiansinger and actor.

Sharry Konopski Dies

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Meskie Shibru-Sivan

Meskie Shibru-Sivan(September 29, 1967 Ethiopia-) a.k.a. Meskie Shibru or Meskie Shibru Sivan isan Israelisinger and actor.

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Minako Honda

Minako Honda(July 31, 1967 Itabashi-November 6, 2005 Bunkyō) also known as Honda Minako or Honda, Minako wasa Japanesesinger and actor.

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Olga Tañón

Olga Tañón(April 13, 1967 Santurce-) otherwise known as Olga Ta n, Olga Tanon, Olga Tañon, Tañón, Olga, Olga Teresa Tañón Ortíz, La Mujer de Fuego, Olga Teresa Tañón, La Reina del Merengue or La Tañón isa Puerto Ricansinger, composer and actor.

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Regina Lund

Regina Lund(July 17, 1967 Vaasa-) a.k.a. Regina Charlotta Lund or Regina Charlotta Theodora Lund isa Swedishsinger, actor, writer, songwriter and author. She has one child, Wiggo Love Linblå Lund.

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Ruddy Rodríguez

Ruddy Rodríguez(March 20, 1967 Anaco-) a.k.a. Ruddy Rodriguez or Ruddy Rosario Rodríguez de Lucía isa Venezuelansinger, actor, businessperson and model.

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Sandra Dee Robinson

Sandra Dee Robinson(March 23, 1967 Pittsburgh-) a.k.a. Sandra Dee Robinson, Sandra Robinson, Sandra Dee Ferguson, Sandra Reinhardt, Sandra Fergeson or Sandra Ferguson isan Americanactor.

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Sharleen Spiteri

Sharleen Spiteri(November 7, 1967 Bellshill-) a.k.a. Sharleen Eugene Spiteri or Spiteri, Sharleen isa Britishsinger, singer-songwriter and actor.

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Tia Carrere

Tia Carrere(January 2, 1967 Honolulu-) also known as Althea Rae Duhinio Janairo or Althea Rae Janairo isan Americansinger, actor, model, voice actor and film producer. Her child is called Bianca Wakelin.

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Tina Arena

Tina Arena(November 1, 1967 Keilor East-) also known as Filippina Lydia Arena or Arena, Tina isan Australiansinger, songwriter, actor, record producer, dancer and tv personality.

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Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton(October 7, 1967 Severn-) a.k.a. Tony Braxton, Toni Braxon, Braxton, Toni or Toni Michelle Braxton isan Americansinger, singer-songwriter, actor, artist, record producer, pianist, tv personality, musician and music artist. She has two children, Diezel Ky Braxton-Lewis and Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis.

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Ulla Weigerstorfer

Ulla Weigerstorfer(August 16, 1967 Bad Aussee-)isan Austrianactor.

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Judy Reyes

Judy Reyes(November 5, 1967 The Bronx-)isan Americanfilm producer and actor. She has one child, Leila Rey Valencia.

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Melora Hardin

Sharry Konopski Died

Melora Hardin(June 29, 1967 Houston-) otherwise known as Melora Diane Hardin or Hardin, Melora isan Americanactor, singer and acting coach. She has two children, Piper Quincey Jackson and Rory Jackson.

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Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet(November 16, 1967 San Francisco-) a.k.a. Lilakoi Moon, Lisa Michelle Bonet or Lisa Boney isan Americanactor and film director. She has three children, Zoë Kravitz, Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa and Lola Iolani Momoa.

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Yūki Amami

Yūki Amami(August 8, 1967 Taitō-) also known as Yuri Nakano, 天海 祐希, あまみ ゆうき, 中野 祐里, なかの ゆり, Nakano Yuri, Amami Yuki or Yuuki Amami isa Japaneseactor.

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Andrea Roth

Sharry konopski dead

Andrea Roth(September 30, 1967 Woodstock-)isa Canadianactor. She has one child, Ava Reese Biermann.

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Narimi Arimori

Narimi Arimori(December 10, 1967 Yokohama-) a.k.a. Narumi Arimori, Arimori Narimi or 有森 也実 isa Japaneseactor.

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Carling Bassett-Seguso

Carling Bassett-Seguso(October 9, 1967 Toronto-) also known as Carling Kathrin Bassett-Seguso or Carling Bassett isa Canadiantennis player and actor.

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Carrie-Anne Moss

Carrie-Anne Moss(August 21, 1967 Burnaby-) also known as Carrie Anne Moss, Carrie Moss, Carrie Ann Moss or Carrie-Ann Moss isa Canadianactor, model and voice actor. Her children are called Owen Roy, Jaden Roy and Frances Beatrice Roy.

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Courtney Thorne-Smith

Courtney Thorne-Smith(November 8, 1967 San Francisco-) otherwise known as Courtney Thorne Smith isan Americanactor. She has one child, Jacob Emerson Fishman.

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Deepti Bhatnagar

Deepti Bhatnagar(September 30, 1967 Meerut-) a.k.a. Dipti Bhatnagar isan Indianmodel, actor, presenter and television presenter. Her children are called Shubh and Shiv.

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Emily Watson

Emily Watson(January 14, 1967 Islington-) also known as Emily Anita Watson or Watson, Emily isa Britishactor and voice actor. She has two children, Juliet Waters and Dylan Waters.

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Tomoyo Harada

Tomoyo Harada(November 28, 1967 Nagasaki-) a.k.a. Harada Tomoyo isa Japanesesinger, actor and lyricist.

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Jacqueline McKenzie

Jacqueline McKenzie(October 24, 1967 Sydney-) also known as Jacqueline Susan McKenzie, Jacqui Mackenzie, Jackie McKenzie, Jacqui McKenzie, Jac Mac or McKenzie, Jacqueline isan Australianactor and singer-songwriter.

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Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts(October 28, 1967 Smyrna-) also known as Julia Fiona Roberts or Jules isan Americanfilm producer, actor, voice actor and television producer. Her children are called Hazel Moder, Phinnaeus Moder and Henry Daniel Moder.

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Sharry konopski dies

Makiko Kuno

Makiko Kuno(February 21, 1967 Maebashi-) a.k.a. Kuno Makiko, Shōko Kuno, 久野翔子, クノ真季子 or Kuno Shōko isa Japaneseactor.

Sharry Konopski Died

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Laura Dern

Laura Dern(February 10, 1967 Los Angeles-) also known as Laura Elizabeth Dern isan Americanactor, television producer, voice actor, film producer, film director and screenwriter. She has two children, Ellery Walker Harper and Jaya Harper.

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Lili Taylor

Lili Taylor(February 20, 1967 Glencoe-) a.k.a. Lili Anne Taylor isan Americanactor. Her child is called Maeve Taylor-Flynn.

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Marianne Jean-Baptiste

Sharry Konopski Dead

Marianne Jean-Baptiste(April 26, 1967 London-) a.k.a. Marianne Raigipcien Jean-Baptiste or Marianne Jean Baptiste isa Britishactor, singer-songwriter and composer. Her child is called Pascale Williams.

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