Resistor Color Code

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A resistor is one of the most common building blocks used in electronics circuits. Resistors are available in several shapes and sizes. Our online tool decodes the information for color banded axial lead resistors. Just select the color bands from your resistor and the site will determine the resistor value for you.

4.7k Resistor Color Code

  1. Resistor Color Codes. Resistors are identified by a standard color coding system. Therefore, it is necessary to be familiar with this system.
  2. Resistor Colour Code Calculator. Farnell's resistor colour chart gives you band colours, resistance, and tolerance for various types of resistors to help you identify components in your electronics projects.

For very small electronic components, a color code is used instead of printed text. This color code indicates the value, rating and tolerance. Resistors have standard colors for identification of the resistance. The printed colors gives an accurate representation on the value of the resistor.

Resistor Color Code Information The resistor color code is a long standing standard in both the electronics and electrical industries, indicating the value of resistance of a resistor. Resistance is measured in ohms and there is a foundation for it called Ohm's Law. (Want to know about Ohm's Law? If so, please click here or click here!)Each color band represents a number and the order of the. What are resistor color codes used for? For very small electronic components a color code instead of printed text is used to indicate the value, rating or and tolerance. Resistors come in variations with 4, 5 or more color bands where a 4-band color code is most common.

Resistors can have 3, 4, 5 or 6 color bands printed on them. The first 3 or 4 bands give the basic value in ohms, of the resistor. A 5 band resistor is more precise compared to a 4 band because of the inclusion of a third significant digit. A 6-band resistor is like a 5-band but includes a temperature coefficient band.

Hold the resistor with the gold or silver band to the right and read the color codes from the left to the right.

ResistorResistor Color CodeResistor Color CodeResistor Color Code

Select the color codes from the bands on the resistor. Autodesk 3ds max 2010 64 bit crack download. Read the colors from left to right. The resistance value based on the color code provided is now displayed.

The chart demonstrates the values of each band and how to read them. Again, read the color code from left to right.

Resistor Color Code Guide

Resistor color code

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Resistor Color Code Blue

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