Power Point For Mac Insert Equation Shortcut

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So, there are several different ways to do it:

  1. Powerpoint For Mac Insert Equation Shortcut Free
  2. Mac Insert Key
  3. Powerpoint For Mac Insert Equation Shortcut Download

Powerpoint For Mac Insert Equation Shortcut Free

I. The traditional method is to use the ribbonSymbol button (a popular approach for social science, which does not need much mathin the text):

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1. On the Insert tab, in the Symbols group, click theSymbol button:

  1. Then, the editor will open and here you can insert your formula or equation. Now, click File - Update, or just F3 to return to your slide and you can see the equation embedded into the presentation. This way, you can use Microsoft Equations to display equations and formulas in PowerPoint 2010 and 2013.
  2. Having started life on the Mac, Word already has very much the same features as on Windows (and much the same as Word 2011) – in fact Word for Mac 2016 keeps a feature lost in Word 2013.

2. On the Symbol dialog box:

  • In the Font dropdown list, choose the Symbol font:
  • Choose the symbol you want to add into your slide:
  • Click Insert and then click Cancel.

II. Using Alt+code shortcuts: this way is the perfect oneif you remember all codes:

In the slide, hold Alt and then enter the Unicode code of the symbol.

For example, for the Greek lambda letter, you need to hold Alt and then enter 108.

Note: you can see all the codes in the Symbol dialog box:

III. Using embedded equitation: this way is perfectif you don't need to care about the format and compatibility with previous versions of MicrosoftOffice (a popular approach for physical science and mathematics, which do need a lot of math inthe text):

1. In the slide where you want to insert the symbol, clickAlt+= to insert the equitation block:

2. In the equitation block without any additional efforts, you canenter any letter that you need just by typing +Name of the letter:


To insert a capital letter of the Greek alphabet, simply enter +Name of the letterstarting with a capital letter:


How to insert other symbols and templates in an equation, see Howto insert the mathematical and other symbols into the PowerPoint slide.

Power Point For Mac Insert Equation Shortcut

3. After entering the letter name, click the space,the sequence will be replaced by the corresponding symbol.

4. Click Alt+= again to exit from the equitation.

Now you can continue entering your text.

Note: In the Autocorrect Options, you will find all ofName of the symbol sequences that you can use. To open the options dialog,do the following:

1. On the File menu, click the Options button:

2. In the PowerPoint Options dialog box, on theProofing tab, click the AutoCorrect Options.. button:

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3. In the AutoCorrect dialog box, choose the MathAutoCorrect tab:

Powerpoint For Mac Insert Equation Shortcut Download

The Math AutoCorrect tab shows all Names of symbols that can be used forinserting the Greek letters and other mathematical symbols.

Note: AutoCorrect options work through all Microsoft Office products on this PC, laptop, etc. Ifyou change some of them in PowerPoint, you will see all changes also in Word, Outlook, and Excel.

See also this tip in French:Comment insérer des symboles grecs très rapidement.