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Unitas Poultry Manager is a cloud-based supply chain software for the poultry & egg industry to help streamline processes & deliver maximum efficiency. Poultry / Farm management. The FarmOnline software is supplied in modules, so that the user does not have to pay for functionalities that are not used.

Download POULTRY FARM BUSINESS PLAN. Tulasi is the best Poultry management software provider. We provides Poultry software, Broiler management software,Poultry ERP, Poultry farm management software, best Poultry management software in Hyderabad. – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on PowerShow.com - id: 91cfe8-N2I0N.

Navfarm is a modern cloud-based universal farming application that provides comprehensive functions and features to grow your farm business.

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Why farm owners
love Navfarm?


We believe that life should be simple! If you also believe this, then you are on the right platform.

Increase Profitability & Health
Cost Effective, Simple and Extendable
Global Best Practices with pre built templates
AI based Real Time Decisions
Innovative Farming Support System
Pre-Defined Parameters for Farm Monitoring
Poultry Farm Software
Offline Access
User Defined Alerts
Traceability from Fork To Farm
Farmwise Profitability & Costs

A Complete Agriculture, Livestock & Poultry
ERP Management Solution

We have designed a robust and easy-to-use software that can help you in multiple ways!


Navfarm gives your complete control on Feed Conversion Ratio(FCR).


NAVFARM gives you 100% Traceability on your Farms & Batches.


An Integrated Universal app for all farm operation needs.

Whether you are a farmer or a poultry owner, Prudence Technology has built a solution for everyone at NAVFarm. Navfarm gives you complete control on Feed Conversion Ratio, Traceability & Similar Key Parameters to fulfil your farm operation needs.

NAVFarm: An Universal Farm Management software for poultry farm owners, fishery owners, cattle farm owners, pig farms, dairy distribution companies and other agriculture businesses. For Poultry farm & Livestock Owners, we provide the best poultry farm management software for an absolute traceability from farm to flock.

Our Agriculture, Livestock & Poultry Management Software is one-of-its-kind software that fits in your needs perfectly and provides you with all the benefits that you need to organize your farm and livestock practices, maintaining records, tracking the production, managing the resources, analyzing the activities and new trends, gaining important insights and increasing the profitability.

In addition to managing the activities like planning, scheduling and tracking the production details, our Livestock & Poultry ERP software also generates and manages orders, expenses, and income. This means NAVFarm enables you to have easy tracking of all the significant records for your poultry business. So, wait not, give it a thought!

Put in Less Efforts and Get Better Results.!!

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Farmer’s path to the success
with NAVFarm

Easy to Activate Solution: Our solution is easiest to configure and use. It takes only one day to start, which means you don’t have to wait for a long. The best thing is it comes with Zero Financial Commitments, meaning without any charges.

Integrated Business: Your entire business will be in your pocket with NAVFarm. Yes, it not only removes silos with integrated processes across departments, but also improves scalability and business agility while enjoying the universal farm application.

Integrated Busines: It enables you to maintain your data efficiently. Any data related to your sales, purchase, expenses and farm operation, like your flock/batch confirmation, feed consumption, and mortality can be maintained easily without much effort.

Business on the Move: NAVFarm is a cloud-based solution that not only enables you access through any mobile devices on the move, but also you can access information from anywhere and update on fingertips. It’s time to adapt global practices, improve performance and decision making.

Advanced Protection: NAVFarm provides you with advanced protection, which include device binding, offline synchronization, audit trails, data encryption, automatic regular backups, and ransomware protection, etc.

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Universal Agriculture App
to serve any farming need

Consolidated view of your entire farm for your Livestock, Birds or Agriculture crops on a Single App for all your farming processes at one place

  • Grand Parent & Parent

  • Broiler Breeder

  • Rearing

  • Layer

  • Hatchery

  • Commercial Broiler

  • Processing

  • Feed

  • Pasture Exposure and Artificial Insemination

  • Breeding and Production

  • Last and Current Breeding

  • Calving History

  • Processing

  • Feeds

  • Herd/Dairy Farm Management

  • Cattle Breeding

  • Milking Parlour Links

  • Feed to Yield

  • Processing

  • Feeds

  • Natural and Artificial Insemination

  • Breeding and Production

  • Last and Current Breeding

  • History

  • Processing

  • Feeds

Free poultry farm software
  • Seeding

  • Germination

  • Pollination

  • Sowing

  • Irrigation

  • Harvesting

  • Storage

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Monotonectally grow strategic process improvements vis-a-vis integrated resources.

  • Give our most popular feature a try! Enjoy all the benefits that come with our Farm Operations, Daily Receipts & Expenses Module without any commitments.
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  • Best suited for small farm owners with our Pre-defined Templates, Real-time Notifications & Reports to handle the farm operations on the go.
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  • Everything needed for a Large Agribusiness with Multi-farm Operations, Integrated Processing Units, and Real-time Alerts & Advanced Reports.
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Mode of Payment

We care for you; hence, we follow the easiest modes of payment so that you can pay from the comfort of your place! The various payment modes include, NEFT Transfer, Payment by Credit/Debit Card, and Payment via PayPal.

Taxes Applicable as Actuals

VAT and other local government taxes are not included in the pricing, they will be applicable as actuals as per the taxation laws of your country.

Yearly Packages

If you are willing to pay on a yearly basis, then you can choose our annual package. Our customers, who choose to pay yearly in advance are welcomed with surprise discounts and offers. For more information on promotions and offers feel free to contact us.

One Price, Multiple Benefits

Navfarm can be used in any kind of farm business, whether you own a fishery or a poultry farm, or a dairy business, or any other agriculture related businesses. Select an appropriate plan and you can enjoy all the features of entire app through one single subscription.

What our customers are saying

When it comes to automating poultry farm operation. NAVFarm is my #1 go-to software. NAVFarm is very easy to use and give a 100% accurate analysis.

Biyinzika Poultry Farm

We have been using NAVFarm for a year and I have to say that it has transformed the way we manage our food and dairy production operations.

Samprash foods

I just want to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job.

Sampoorna Feeds and Farms

If you are looking for the software to monitor and create daily reports of your dairy industry operations then you have to check out NAVFarm.

Blue Bird Holdings

I absolutely depend on NAVFarm to analyze feed manufacturing to food commercials to the slaughterhouse processes.

Star Foods

NAVFarm is proven the result oriented software for our farm. And the best part is that the NAVfarm support team is excellent.

Bounty Farms

App screenshots
Looks awesome

How do you want an App to be - Easy-to-use, Friendly Features, Awesome Look, Amazing Layout, Robust and Rapid? NAVFarm has it all! Yes, whatever you are looking for in an app, it has all that and that’s what makes NAVFarm a unique app

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Free Poultry Farm Software

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Poultry Farm Management Software

If you are setting up a Poultry Farm business then it is sensible for you to write down a Poultry Farm business plan. If you require finance for your business this will assist you with it and even if you are lucky to have enough capital to set up your own business then a business plan will help you in your business stratagem. This will enhance the odds of your business being a success, which cannot be a bad thing. Wic reset utility v.5.0.40 serial key.

Your plan ought to contain the following..

Poultry Farm Executive Summary

Your Poultry Farm executive summary ought to be written last subsequent to you having done all the ground work in preparation of your business plan - it is after all intended to be a digest of your business. This is the page that should grab the interest of the reader and make them appreciate what your Poultry Farm business is about. By and large it ought to provide the person who reads it 3 years highlights of your business or longer if you produce a more long term business plan - i.e. when the investor(s) are expected to start seeing some profit on their investment. The Poultry Farm executive summary ought to mention the key leading roles who are available to assist run the business and produce the proceeds for the investors and if any new management will be needed in the procedure. Click here for more free advice on how to write your executive summary.

Poultry Farm Objectives

As the executive summary more often than not includes the breakdown of the first 3 years - your objectives must in addition be set out for your first three years of operation - this may be a handful or may possibly be to a great extent more detailed - it's wholly up to you, on the contrary having unrealistic goals to reach for your Poultry Farm business in an unrealistic timeframe will put possible investors off rather than them being impressed at your elevated objectives.Read more about business objectives.

Poultry Farm Mission

Various people see objectives and mission as the same thing but they are not - objectives are there for you to meet your mission. The final mission of any business ought to be to get bought out! If you can build your Poultry Farm business up to sell it at the same time as keeping some shares then you will have achieved victory. To achieve your ultimate mission you will probably need several smaller missions - these could be to attract a certain revenue, to reach a certain number of clients, to wholesale a certain amount of units of a product or service and your objectives are there to meet this mission.

Check out some of these example mission statements before you have a go at writing your own mission statement.

Keys to Success

You ought to tell people how and why your Poultry Farm business is going to be a success - if you cannot think of something to enter here then you are doomed. Even if your remedy is just that you are going to work harder than the next person - then at least that is something..but you'll need to back it up with some proof especially if you are looking for funding in your Poultry Farm business.

Company Summary

Here you should write a simple construct of your business over the next 3 years unless you have a long term plan.

Company Ownership

In basic terms write who is going to own the Poultry Farm business and allocation of share ownership and voting rights for and allocation of share ownership and voting rights for the shares - it is quite common for someone to possess part of a business but hold no say in how that business is run. You need to express if the company is a limited company, private, public or if you are a sole trader.

Not sure which business structure to go for?

Location(s) and facilities

Where is your Poultry Farm business going to be trading from and why are you going to be trading from this spot - you might not be capable of giving pinpoint address at this near the beginning stage but you need to narrow it down as much as you can, as obviously this will have a momentous effect on your business. It's generally simple to get premises for any Poultry Farm business in particular in this climate with so many businesses folding, but getting the proper business premises for the right money is a different prospect entirely.

Read more about business premises.

Start-up Summary for your Business

Before you start trading it's a good idea to have a business bank account and you are also going to have to choose a new name for your Poultry Farm Business.

Before you can sell any services or products you ought to write down precisely all of the items you are going to require and if you are going to need any money in order to pay for all of these things. You may well need to modify your start-up summary depending on your economic position - so you may well prefer specific Poultry Farm equipment but not be capable of buying it until you have sold several units of service / product.

Poultry Farm Start-Up Costs

This is a uncomplicated list of stuff you need to buy or stuff you can bring into the business if you already have possession of them before your Poultry Farm business can start the ball rolling. If you don't have enough capital you ought to also include who is going to present this resource to get your Poultry Farm business going.

Visit this page for more typical start up costs.

Poultry Farm Investment

If you do not have adequate funds you should include the whole investment you are going to require and additionally involve the breakdown of the parties that are going to fund the investment. Incorporate the equity being given away to fund this or loan agreements in order to finance the agreement. Will you require a small business bank loan? If you cannot get a bank loan don't worry there are alternative methods for funding your Poultry Farm Business.

Useful Poultry Farm Resources

Poultry Farm Marketing Plan Poultry Farm Equipment Poultry Farm Online

Find a different business plan..