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Posted By admin On 02/09/21

If you enjoy playing the FIFA 16 career-mode, you may ‘hate’ Origin running on the background and eating up resources.
Origin also seem to have influenceNepali astrology software. on the game, career-mode, gameplay, etc. behavior.

What is Outcome?

Make sure you patched the bf4.par file using Outcome Make sure Origin is closed and that you are launching the game with Outcome. You can buy a Battlefield 4 Russian CD Key for use with this tutorial at a really discounted rate HERE. You operate a small machine. DOWNLOAD 1.3 MB 8 people. Info updated on: Apr 23, 2021. Related stories. No more worries about the.


Outcome patches game *.par files without the need of running Origin on the background.
Another great additional is allowing to select all FIFA 16 language at start-up (e.g. English on a Russian copy).
You can download the latest version at outcome.nofate.me.
Warning: Outcome patches *.par files of all Origin-games, it may be needed to update/repair these games in Origin after using Outcome (right-click on the game, choose Repair or Update).

How to use Outcome with FIFA 16?

1. Start Origin, open FIFA 16, but don’t hit Play yet
2. Start Outcome, login with your Origin credentials (it may be needed to disable two-factor authentication first)
3. Wait for the ‘You can now start playing!’ message
4. Exit Origin (Menubar > Origin > Exit and click on ‘Yes’ if you really want to exit Origin), the FIFA 17 window should stay open
5. Hit the Play-button, enjoy!

Is Outcome Online Compatible?

Testing revealed that Origin is still needed to play online and updating the game.
You may want to update the game first before using Outcome.
If you want to play online, simple start FIFA 16 without Outcome.

Outcome doesn’t work (anymore)?!

1. Redo all the steps of ‘How to use Outcome with FIFA 16’
2. Uninstall(!) Outcome and (re)install the latest version

An Origin-update may sabotage Outcome from starting or even replacing this program!

Is it legal and safe to use Outcome?

For personal (legal) use it should be. 🙂
Can’t tell for sure if Outcome is safe to use, but so far we didn’t found any ‘weird’ (incoming/outgoing) traffic debugging with a tool like Wireshark.
Us at your own risk! Recommend is to use a separated Origin-account for games, preventing your credentials being stolen.

Outcome is a free and easy way to play all of your favorite latest Origin™ games, without the need to actually have Origin™ running in the background. This allows for a more solid and optimal gameplay experience, relieving you from the stress of worrying about the memory footprint and processor usage that Origin™ generates.
With an installation that takes up less than 3mb of storage on your hard-drive, and with a average memory footprint of even less than that, even for the most demanding games, Outcome is by its nature extremely fast and lightweight. Gone are the days when you would have to worry about Origin™ using over 400mb of RAM and constantly killing your CPU. Your games are the ones that matter, so giving them more resources is what Outcome strives to achieve.
Outcome has been built from the beginning with an emphasis on security and privacy. Outcome makes sure that your data never leaves your computer, or your local network. Outcome never injects code to your processes, nor does it modify your files. Instead of spying on your computer, Outcome focuses on giving you what you need, without any cost or overhead.
Even when you are left without an active Internet connection, Outcome allows you to play all of your favorite games in Offline Mode. Just like with Steam™, the only requirement is that you have successfully logged in once with your account and have chosen to have Outcome remember your credentials for the next time.

Outcome Nofate Download Windows 10

Outcome Nofate Download

Visit the Outcome website for more information.

Outcome.nofate.me Download

  • A valid and active Origin™ account, and ownership of the game you want to play are required.
  • Offline Mode can be forced by launching Outcome with the -offline option. Several game features, such as multiplayer, are unavailable in Offline Mode.