Mv Gunadasa Viridu Mp3

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Viridu mp3, Download or listen viridu song for free, viridu.mp3, viridu Free MP3 Download. Download Mv Gundasa Viridu Bana' All Sinhala Mp3 Songs And Dj Remixes, Nonstops For Free. බත්බැලයාණෝ කතා පුවත Viridu Bana විරිඳු බණ M V Gunadasa 42:33 Play. Mathanga 44:53 Play. Viridu Bana M V Gunadasa 43:08 Play. Budu guna viridu 32:03 Play. Thathage Tokka - Sahan Jayashantha. Tags: M, M V Gunadasa, Viridu Bana Author: Kasun Madushanka velit viverra minim sed metus egestas sapien consectetuer, ac etiam bibendum cras posuere pede placerat, velit neque felis.

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We pay tribute to Gunadasa Kapuge, a musician who understood people's feelings and aspirations, and contributed to sinhala music scene in various capacities! He died accidently on April 03, 2003 at the age of 58. We certainly believe his name will long live among millions of sinhala music fans and let this be a small tribute for his numerous contributions to the sinhala music. May he attain his ultimate wishes!

Kapuge was born on August 07, 1945 in the village of Miriswatte, in the Galle District and educated at Eramulla Kanishta Vidyalaya, Karandeniya Central, Nagoda College - Galle, and Dharmashoka College - Ambalangoda. He received Diploma from Bhthkande in 1966 and then 'Sangeetha Visharadha' in 1969. He was married Prema Withanage in 1978.

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ViriduMv Gunadasa Viridu Mp3

His first song, released in 1973, Daesa Nilupul Thema was an instant hit. After that Kapuge was selected as a Grade 'A' vocalist by the Radio Ceylon and started his three decades long music career. The First Stage Drama, he provided back-ground music was 'Thuranga Sanniya' by Sugathapala De Silva. Since then he provided background music for the highly popular musical 'Tharawo Igilethi' by Lucien Bulathsinhala and several other popular dramas. His first movie back-ground music gig was for the Stanley Perera's 'Sandha.'

In 1980, he released his first music cassette titled 'Dhampatin Laa Sandha' with Malini Bulathsinhala. He released several cassettes during the decade of 1980s and most songs in these cassettes became very popular among the listeners. Among them were, Seethala Sandha Eliye (1981), Unmadha Sithuwam (1983), Mawathe Giithaya (1985), and Piya Satahan (1990).


He also staged a one-man musical show titled 'Kampana' during the 1990s and during this time he also released a cassette and CD with the same title.

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#TitleDurationLyricistTune ComposerLyrics
0001Aan Nage 00:02:51Lucien Bulathsinhala
0002Dawase Karadara 00:03:17Lucien Bulathsinhala
0003Desa Nilupul 00:03:19Priyananda Wijesundara
0004Dethola Nokide 00:03:03Lucien Bulathsinhala
0005Gangawe Giithe 00:04:36Sunil R Gamage
0006Man Mulawee 00:03:56Sunil Ariyaratne
0007Mangala Andumin 00:03:08Ganganatha Herath
0008Pabalu Nage 00:03:47Ranbanda Seneviratne
0009Raye Madiyama 00:02:37Ganganatha Herath
0000Seethala Sandha Eliye 00:03:10Hadson Samarasinghe
0011Sene Sithin 00:03:19Kularatne Ariyawansa
0012Tharu Rana Ridi 00:03:26Kularatne Ariyawansa
0013Wilanda Kawa 00:03:40Lucien Bulathsinhala

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Mv Gunadasa Viridu Bana Mp3

#TitleDurationLyricistTune ComposerLyrics
0001Daruwange Giithaya 00:03:26Rathna Sri WijesingheGunadasa Kapuge
0002Hansa Giithaya 00:04:24Pallegama Hemarathana HimiGunadasa Kapuge
0003Hantane 00:03:59
0004Kampana - Theme 00:03:45Lucien BulathsinhalaGunadasa Kapuge
0005Karagala Gaga Enna 00:03:19Rathna Sri WijesingheGunadasa Kapuge
0006Lihiniyo 00:03:52
0007Lowe Duka Daka 00:03:56
0008Nawathwanna 00:03:19
0009Obata Yannama One 00:03:19
0010Pujacha 00:02:47Rathna Sri WijesingheGunadasa Kapuge
0011Sabanda Api 00:03:05
0012Warahali Anda 00:03:28
#TitleDurationLyricistTune ComposerLyrics
0001Ahasa Usata 00:02:56Saman Guna HerathGunadasa Kapuge
0002Bimbarak Senaga 00:03:35Rathna Sri WijesingheGunadasa Kapuge
0003Diyaluwo 00:03:19Mahinda DisanayakeGunadasa Kapuge
0004Domba Mal Kalawe 00:03:05Wasantha Bandara DisanayakeGunadasa Kapuge
0005Duka Hadu Dena Raye 00:03:19Wasantha Bandara DisanayakeGunadasa Kapuge
0006Leli Thalana Doni 00:04:10Rathna Sri WijesingheGunadasa Kapuge
0007Palanchiye Wada Hinda 00:03:28Rathna Sri WijesingheGunadasa Kapuge
0008Piya Satahan 00:02:44Sunil R GamageGunadasa Kapuge
0009Ramya Nagaraya 00:03:52Rabukana Siddhartha HimiGunadasa Kapuge
0010Salana Susuma 00:02:56Mahagama SekeraGunadasa Kapuge
0011Situ Kumariye 00:02:58Rathna Sri WijesingheGunadasa Kapuge
0012Sondura Numba Lihiniyaka 00:03:03Rathna Sri WijesingheGunadasa Kapuge
#TitleDurationLyricistTune ComposerLyrics
0001Aee Mage Nelum Mala 00:02:49Rathna Sri Wijesinghe
0002Allata Shilpa Singaa 00:03:24Rathna Sri Wijesinghe
0003Boodhilimaa Nangiyee 00:03:59Rathna Sri Wijesinghe
0004Hiisara Waedhunu Pasuwa 00:02:54Rathna Sri Wijesinghe
0005IraBatu Tharuwa 00:03:17Rathna Sri Wijesinghe
0006Kalladi Palama 00:03:08Rathna Sri Wijesinghe
0007Maa Priya Maheshikawii 00:02:49Rathna Sri Wijesinghe
0008Monara Maalu 00:02:54Rathna Sri Wijesinghe
0009Naa Kola Andham 00:04:03Rathna Sri Wijesinghe
0010Nirmalaa 00:04:06Rathna Sri Wijesinghe
0011Piyabanna Awasarayi 00:03:40Rathna Sri Wijesinghe
0012Pura Handhata Peennata (Mamandiye) 00:04:03Rathna Sri Wijesinghe
0013Seedha Sihina Sudhu Dunhinda 00:02:56Rathna Sri Wijesinghe
0014Shilpa Aran 00:03:38Rathna Sri Wijesinghe
0015Sinhala Sindhu Kiyana 00:03:35Rathna Sri Wijesinghe
0016Sudhu Sinaa Kusum 00:03:12Rathna Sri Wijesinghe

Mv Gunadasa Viridu Bana Mp3 Download

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Mv Gunadasa Viridu Mp3 Free Download