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Come on, we're at Pondolem.

Let's go, Pondolem.

  1. Jeethu Joseph (born 10 November 1972) is an Indian film director and screenwriter, who works in Malayalam cinema.Jeethu made his directional debut with the 2007 police procedural film Detective and later went on to direct five successful films: the family drama Mummy & Me (2010), the comedy film My Boss (2012), the investigative-thriller film Memories (2013), the family-thriller.
  2. The Malayalam script that had established itself as a distinct system in the 14th century had more or less retained its characters/ alphabets till the standardization efforts in the late 60s.In order to fit the script to the Malayalam typewriter keyboard and to make typewritten Malayalam the means of official communication, the State Language.

SCRIPT GRAMMAR FOR MALAYALAM LANGUAGE Prepared by Technology Development for Indian Languages. The structure of the script used for writing. FREE Kireedam Malayalam Movie Script ebook downloads (8113 pdf documents) including good fellas daily script movie scripts movie scree, darkman daily script movie scripts movie screenpla, bad lieutenant daily script movie scripts movie sc, when.

Let's go, Pondolem.

Be careful, Peter.

Breakfast or beer?

Where's Pondolempolice station?

The new one?

Are you a police officer?

- Yes.

Here it is. Right in front of us.

It was inaugurated just last week.

- I see.

The faded one right next to it

is the old police station.

Okay, thanks.

All the policeofficers have

breakfast here.

Some of them eat breakfast,

lunch and dinnerright here.

I see.

Come over, after duty hours.

I'll serve you chilled beer

and fried fish.

Let's see.

Excuse me.

Who's the Senior PI?

Who are you?

- Satish Naik.

I have been transferred here.

Sir, do come in.

You're welcome.

Have a seat.

Sir will be here, soon.


Isn't that Vijay Salgaonkar?

Yes, sir.

That's him.

He seems to be pretty

straight forward.

But, appearances can

be deceptive, sir.

What do you mean?

- I mean, what he's done.. stillpretty unbelievable.

Vijay, sir.

Get him, get him. Hey, hey, hey.


That was an awesome chase, sir!


They've edited it with fast cuts

and taken the audience for a ride.

On top of that, the music

is pounding away!

So that it seems as if

a lot is going on.

But, nothing is really happening.

You need to feel

the tension. Feel it!

Mr. Vijay, I have an idea.

You know, you should make

a movie.

I mean, then the world will see

that you..

I'll show it to you, first.

- No!

Mr. Vijay! No! Sorry, sir!

Are you done

with the collections?

Yes, I'm done.

Here, look.

As always, Inspector

Gaitonde cribbed a bit.

And, uncle Pinto's TV

is flickering.

That's a problem with his TV.

It's not a cable issue.

Tell him to buy a new one.

- You bet, I did!


- .

That's what he called you.

- And you let him abuse me?

No, no, I didn't!

I told him.

I said, if you want to abuse

Mr. Vijay..

..say something logical.

You can call him uneducated,

illiterate, 4th grade dropout.. him an orphan.

But, ? No, never.

Am I right?

Or am I right?

Alright, then!

- Listen to me.

You're absolutely right.

I'll give you a bonus. - A bonus!

Mr. Vijay, no! Sir, no!

He's waiting for SI Gaitonde.


- Don't ask.

He locked up

his only son in prison.

What did he do?

Nothing. He took a loan from

a privatefinance company.

He used to pay all

the installments on time.

He just wasn't able to pay

the final installment.

Mr. Gaitonde took my

son away, two days ago.

Now, the finance company

is also saying..

..that, the installment has to be

paid with interest, first.

That's when they'll let my

son go.

Why is Gaitondetaking such an

interest in this?

Because, his cousin runs

Traffic Malayalam Movie Script Pdf

the finance company.

So, did you complain

to Mr. Prabhu?

Mr. Gaitonde told me..

..if I complain to anyone Sims 4 mod autonomous romance.

at all..

..then, he will kill my son.

Anyway, what's the point of


Then, file a lawsuit in the court.

On whom?

His son wasn't locked up

by the finance company..

..Gaitonde did that.

'There is only one way

to get your brother out.'

'What's that?

- Habeas corpus.'

I'll tell you what to do.

Habeas corpus.

What? Hibbus..

Habeas corpus.

It's a legal term.

How will that help?

His son will get

released, because..

'This is not an ordinary case.'

'This is a case

involving habeas corpus.'

And if they tell the court..

..that someone has locked up

his son illegally..

..then, the court will order the

police to at once..

..present the man in the


Then, Gaitonde or the senior PI

or IG, can't ignore the court's order.

The police will not present him

Malayalam Movie Script PdfFilm

in the court.


'lt's a new age

A brand new world'

'This worldkeeps changing

Kireedam Malayalam Movie Script Pdf

generation to generation'

'lt's a new age

A brand new world'

'This worldkeeps changing

generation to generation'

'ln this world,

while you are busy with your life,

and while you look back to your past'

please don't forget to laugh'

'ln this world'

'when you learn to forget and,

when you learn to forgive'

'Don't forget to laugh'

ln 1984 - George was born

to David and Treesa.

Year 1999 - George passed

SSLC with first class.

Now - Year 2000.

l'm seriously in love with Mary.

Otherwise, no need!

l'm seeing Mary for the

first time at church.

l'm seeing Mary for the

first time at church.

When you read the bible that day..

the Churidhar you wore.

looked so gorgeous, you know!

Otherwise, no need!

What l said was..

Red-like Orange.., it's wrong.

l'll write a new one.

Couldn't she have worn a blue churidhar?

10th AUGUST 2000 -ALUVA.

To my beloved Mary,

l'm seeing Mary for the

first time at church.

Mary, at church,

on the day of bible reading..

the Churidhar you wore, was so lovely!

Mary, you looked so..Ergh!!

Mackerel, Sardine,Tilapia

and Crab are available.

Son, which one do you want?

Which fish do you want?

Don't you know l like Sardine?

Why ask again and again?

That wouldstink up

the whole house.

Doesn't matter. Buy thin ones.

Shall l buy oily-sardine, then?

Will have full of bones, mummy!

Oh Come on!

lt doesn't have much of bones.

Get me one kg.

Betterto fry..

That'll be fine.

Then, l want 4 pieces..

Very crispy ones!

What about Anju then?

No need for her!

No problem if she doesn't eat sardine!

Unnichetan(shopowner): Hey Vinod,

Serve two cups of tea to Shambu and Koya.

Dude, l'm going to Bangalore

for my studies.

Jawad says, it's really a superb place!

Jawad? Who's that?

My Uncle's son.

Which Uncle's son?


in the market.

Banana! Was he the one, who named

you as Koya after 'Kaaya(Banana')?

Yes, he only..

Brother, 7 banana fries

and one cup of tea.

How much tea? 7 huh?

Dude! Here comes Mary!


Brother, One parle G, please.

What else do you need?

And, one milk packet.

Seems like she'll buy stuffs

for home and leave soon.

Go and check if he's coming.

l've a doubt.

Does he love her or us?

Unpunctual christian!

Hey, is he coming?

Don't show off and lose

yourteeth needlessly.

Brother, one minute.

Ok, just a minute.

Actually, l too said the same.

That's what l said too.

Keeping eatables to tempt people!

Ah!.Oh my God!

Brother, one cigarette!

Take it.

Malayalam Movie Script Pdf Download

Vinod, what are you trying to do?

lf at all you break the glass then.

How much, brother?

-Shop owner:

Then, take this!!

My nose would have burnt now.

She'll go now.

You pervert! l'll rip you apart!

Get lost, you build flirt!!

l know, where you're

going with this weightless bag.

Malayalam Movie Screenplay Pdf Free Download

You fool,

intelligent boys don't need books!

So, this bag is full

of your intelligence?

l wonderwhere he has gone?

Ok brother

Hey sweety!

Sister, here's a blackHrithik Roshan!



Sweety, went to study at school huh!

-Small girl:
Get lost Monkey!!

- Mary:
You come here

Sweet child, right!!

Hey, Kuttapi!

- Kuttapi:

Come out.

Malayalam Movie Script Pdf Free Download

- Kuttapi:
One minute.

Memories Malayalam Movie Script Pdf Free Download

Brother, flirts are growing a

lot around the shop.

Malayalam Movie Script Pdf Free

Yes, one day, l will throweveryone out!