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What isLal Kitab = Red Book?


Lal Kitab Book In Bengali Pdf Horror Storymill Mac Torrent Ranorex Crack For Idm Torrent Mindjet Mindmanager 9 Mac Torrent. Lal Kitab is a very easy book in relation to astrology by which a normal person can also examine his horoscope according to the circumstances around him, and can make the planets conducive with simple measures. Lal Kitab is a remarkable branch of Vedic astrology. Collection of the 5 books, written during the period of 1939-1952 is called Lal Kitab. Written in ancient Urdu. Lal Kitab Book In Bengali Pdf. Download Free Sanskrit Books from Digital Library of India. The Digital Library of.

  • wikipedia = Lal Kitab
  • Lal = red
  • Kitab/qitab = book

Lal Kitab is a charming compendium of northwestern folk remedies that was written in Urdu.

  • The collection was published in five installments 1939-1942.
  • All five installments were republished in single binding in Lahore in 1952.


  1. Lal Kitab Ke Farman (1939)
  2. Lal Kitab Ke Arman (1940)
  3. Lal Kitab Gutka (1941)
  4. Lal Kitab Ke Farman (1942)
  5. Lal Kitab (1952) = compilation of the previous editions
Is it valid?

Like any divinatory system from tea-leaves to Tarot cards to the flight patterns of migrating birds, Lal Kitab can provide spiritual validation and guidance to persons of sincere intent.

Why the red?

Traditionally, Bharati businesses kept their debit-credit accounts in ledger books that were covered in loose matte red cloth. Stacks of these printed empty ledger books were warehoused by the military for expense accounting purposes.


The recorder-writer-composer-assembler of the five volumes of Lal Kitab was employed as a military accountant. An abundance of blank red-covered ledgers would have been conveniently available to the documenter via his usual line of work.

  • The signification of Lal Kitab as a debit-creditbook of life quickly gained currency in the northern folk cultures of the aryavarta.
  • Red color (cinnabar, vermillion) is sacred to both Lakshmi (who giveth) and to Ganesha (who taketh away).

Social context and audience Lal Kitab

Presented somewhat like a military instruction manual (here is the issue, here is the fix), Lal Kitab became a popular ready-reference for quick solutions to life's most perplexing problems. Although based in the worldview of the farming peoples of the सप्तसिन्धवः, Lal Kitab gained reader-practitioners throughout northern India and its diaspora (especially in the Caribbean).


The author's worldview is richly superstitious, victimized, and magical. Drawing on a mish-mash of basic palmistry (hasti) + a highly simplified astrology (jyoti) + an extensive knowledge of common household implements, the remedies provide an accessible way to fight back against misfortune.

Empowering remedies set in a paradigmatic worldview

The problem is powerlessness against ineffable fate, and the solution is practical household magic.

The rustic remedies are interwoven with ancestral explanations of how the world works. It is a wondrous world defined by mystery, magic, fear, malice, revenge, and punishment. It is a world of victims and predators. Often the predators are disembodied.

Accesssible and affordable

This catalog of fixes provides a broad toolkit for dealing with the Problem. The remedies are understandable and tangible.

The wise author compiles a broad range of beliefs representing the multi-millennia religious geography of the सप्तसिन्धवः It is important to appreciate the power of an astrological treatise developed for use by any reader, written in a common vernacular, free of control by the Sanskriti priestly caste.

  • As Lal-Kitabi like to say, na mantra - na yantra - na tantra.


As with all folk remedy traditions, some of the correctives in Lal Kitab seem simplistic to the point of foolishness and almost blindly superstitious. Others have questionable or unfamiliar astrological foundations, likely representing the rich substrate of ancient Persian heritage knowledge.

Nevertheless, when used by those pure of heart and clear of mind, positive spiritual guidance may be sought and obtained from Lal Kitab as from any other text. Even straightforward bibliomancy may reveal instantly useful answers.

Conditions of material and psychological efficacy

  • When do Lal Kitab remedies actually work?

There is a difference between remedies which can support successful improvements to life versus those which deepen the existing ignorance through materialism and psychological externalizing projection.

The difference lies NOT in the material ingredients of the remedy recipe per se, but RATHER of the motivation of the person who is performing the remedy!

Lal Kitab Kundli Free

Thoughts Are Things

Beliefs generate thoughts. Thoughts instantly attract matching emotions. At that moment, some THING happens.

Things are the result of thoughts

  • Thoughts fuel things
  • Thoughts create things
  • Things are the downstream of thoughts.
  • Things have power ONLY when the causative thoughts are empowered with positive motivation

Whether cherished in folk-tradition or proposed by the most exalted elite educated-entitled, the key to success of any remedy is aligned motivation. One must BECOME the desired result. For example, 'I am money' works effectively to create the tangible presence of money. However, ' Ï need money', 'I want money', 'I demand money', 'give me money' are non-effective, because each of these magical claims presumes that somehow the money is outside of oneself. All power lies within.

Lal Kitab Book In Bengali Pdf


  • Undertaking any remedy from motivation to harm another being will backfire, often severely. Avoid the psycho-mental poison of black magic at all costs. The toxic consequences to the initiator manifest primarily as mental illness, hallucinations, paranoia. These mentally filthy consequences of using black magic can be quite hideous.
  • When this variety of harm-to-others prescriptive remedy is encountered in Lal Kitab or anywhere else, steer clear.


  • Undertaking any remedy from motivation to acquire illicit materials including unearned wealth and privileges will also backfire.
  • Rahu is the usual culprit behind this sort of short-term motivation for glamour. However, Rahu's passions can be deployed with consciousness so that the end result of Rahu-driven rituals can be very positive.
  • Consciousness is needed to ensure a clean path for the magical energy.


Lal Kitab Pdf

  • Undertake any remedy with sincere motivation to purify one's heart so that one may better serve others.
  • A motivation of service will always benefit the native and the remedy will always succeed at the appropriate level of divine support.
  • Understand that all experience is perpetually creating a Learning Pathway.
  • When the desired results arrives, say Thank You.

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To forecast what rituals might work versus what remedies could actually increase mental tension (or worse) it can help to discriminate between

  1. positive ambition to increase one's power to help others will succeed in every case. I Am in Service.
  2. negative ambition to possess a person or power for purpose of manipulation or self-aggrandizement may appear to succeed in the short term. It will fail eventually with damage to the perpetrator.

Lal Kitab 1939

In the longer term, think of the myth of Rahu-Ketu. Rahu the poseur has a false motivation due to self-aggrandizement. Rahu needs to over-reach. Due to the oily smokiness in His restless mind , Rahu is detected and ejected by the brilliantly clear, authentic divinities.