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A Hardware Against Software Piracy (HASP) dongle is a type of computer hardware device designed to combat software piracy. These devices must be plugged into a computer in order for software to function, and are often used in place of serial numbers or other forms of authentication. Cimco edit v5 free download crack version. Dongles can also be used to create and enforce other business models for software, such as rental or feature-driven models. For end users, dongles can offer both convenience and frustration.

Hasp Key Crack

A HASP dongle fills much the same purpose as a product key or activation system found in consumer software, but is usually confined to highly specialized software programs used in a variety of industries. These types of programs, which include professional printing software, forensics software, high end audio programs, and computer aided design (CAD) applications, often carry high per license price tags, making them lucrative targets for the black and grey markets. To combat piracy and prevent organizations from using software on more computers than they have purchased licenses for, some software publishers make use of HASP dongles.

Customers who use this software must connect a specially programmed HASP dongle to a computer before the software will function. Without the dongle, some programs will run in a demo or trial mode, while others will not run at all. Software publishers usually purchase dongles and dongle software from other corporations, and the dongles must be specially tailored for the programs they will be protecting.


As the sophistication of dongles has increased, publishers have found new uses for them. Some new dongles feature internal clocks, batteries, and more onboard memory than older models. These features allow publishers to more closely control how their software is used. The internal clock, for example, can keep track of when a software license expires, and can then render the dongle useless. A HASP dongle can also enable rental, subscription, pay-per-use, or even pay-per-feature software licensing models.

Hasp Key Crack

Dongle crack or emulation for HASP HASP4 HASP HL HARDLOCK. Go to Apps BERNINA Embroidery Software 8 Reinstall HASP Drivers. Get you up and running with your 4D, 5D, 6D or other dongle-controlled program in short order. We occasionally come across users with Hasp HL dongle (green type HASP HL Max) that are reported to be faulty, under both Mac and Windows environment. How to detect Hasp HL key and verify it is working - Gemalto Sentinel Customer Discussions. Hi, Sorry for my poor English.OS is Windows 8.1 64-bit -CPU Intel i5 -Sentinel HL Max (HASP Configuration) - USB Key -Using 'Sentinel LDK Run-Time 6.64'.

Aladdin hasp key crack

Businesses and consumers who purchase software requiring a HASP dongle may find this hardware solution more convenient than equivalent software protection technologies. For programs sold with a limited number of seats or users, a dongle can easily be transferred between different computers or departments. Some dongles can also enable functionality on multiple computers on a network. Dongles can be a major source of frustration for customers who need to run legacy or unsupported applications, however, as new operating systems, lost dongles, or new hardware can mean the programs will no longer run. In these cases, a dongle emulator is sometimes used to trick a program into believing a physical HASP dongle is connected.

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Aladdin Hasp Key Crack

IF YOU do not know what kind of USB dongleyou have or something unclear

click here to identify it

if you know what you want


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HASP - Duplicators

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Dongleis a device to plug in to the LPT (or other) port. It is used to storesome information and to communicate with protected software. Ifsoftware can't find required dongle, it will not run properly. It'smain purpose copy protection. HASP (R) is a trademark name of donglesmanufactured by Alladin.

A:HASP wiring scheme is common for all HASP dongles. The unique is onlyfunctional and memory content inside the HASP chips. In case of Memo-x,NetHASP, TimeHASP, HASP36,HASP4 the PC talks to dongle via D0-D7 wires(pin 2 .9 on D25 parallel port connector, in the case of LPT). Thedongle answers to PC via 'PaperEnd' (pin 12 ) wire. All other wires areused just to supply a power or switch it on/off.

Toanalyze HASP protocol yourself you will need logic state analyzer withat least 9 (better 12) channels. The sampling rate must be minimum 2times higher than your parallel port speed. Also it must have multipletriggering capability and enough memory.

Exampleof HASP logic state analysis here. and we will do it for you.

Thereare 3 ways to avoid you dongle:

1.Modify protected software - usually complicated and can causelost of some functionality of software. It is also illegal in many states.

2.Use HASP driver emulator is good way, but it does not always workperfectly, especially sensitive for upgrades and OS changes. Sometimesexpensive.

3.Make hardware duplicate of your original HASP. This is also good wayand there is no need to modify/create any software. If you do not wantto touch HASP protected soft due legal issues or worry tocause its proper operation - read below.


How wedo HASP hardware

You will only need to read data of you HASP. But you don't have tosend a HASP to Us! (thisis usual question). Simply we will send you small program which in fewseconds will read all data from your HASP and write it to separatefile. This file you should send back to us and from supplied data wewill develop your HASP dongle replacement. And we can do a lot of them!!!

Hasp Key Crack

Thereare vast number of various dongles floating around, and 'Hasp' is justone kind of them. How to know which one is in your hands? It could beSafeNet Sentinel, Rockey, ILok, Gemplus,Hardlock, Marx, Wibu oranything else. All they made by different vendors, has differentfunctions and appearance.
The first thing you need to know whatexactly you have. Luckily Microsoft developed nice application'UVCView.exe' which can show all devices plugged in to USB ports ofcomputer and pull all basic identification information out of it. Belowis step-by step instruction how to get identification data out of yourdongle:
1.Download archivedUVCView.zip here
Is it safe? UVCView is not our product. It is Open source sample applicationdeveloped by Microsoft (R) and included with Windows(R) driverdevelopment kit. If you don't trust this site, just search for'UVCview' on internet and download from wherever you want.
2.Unpack and run (doubleclick)UVCView.x86.exe
3.On the left side you can seeall USB ports and devices of your PC
4. Plug your USB dongle andpress 'Refresh' in File menu to see the latest list.
(Sometimes Refresh is done automatically)
5.Click on the device and all its information showup on the right side
6.Save thatinformation in to Key.txt file by going to menu File, Save As.., enterfile name and Save
7.Email Key.txt file to [email protected]
Sowe can verify what sort of dongle is it, how it can be duplicated, andwhat are future instructions and procedures for creating its duplicate.
We reply usually within 24 hours.
Theidentification technique is Vendor independent and works with any USBdevice, even with USB Flash drive. You can play with it as much as youlike.
There is no need to have any drivers or any softwareinstalled. If you would see 'Found New Hardware' you cansafelycancel installation.

(this is only forprallel port dongles!)

1.Download Haspdata reader hasp4rdr.exe

Prepare empty floppy disk and run dowloaded Hasp4rdr.exe

app will ask you to insert

floppy and writes DOS boot files

and Hasp4 reader on it

3.You will getMS-DOS boot disk with Hasp4 reader on it
4.Read 'ReadMe.txt'file on the disk.
5.Plug your Hasp into LPT port

RebootPC from this floppy.

Folowonscreen instructions & read your hasps data

Thenyou will get your HASP data file with all memory content an otherinternal settings saved in *.hsp file on the same floppy

Ifsomething unclear - contact us: [email protected]


E-maireceived hasp datafile


back to [email protected]

8.Thenwe will verify if all data grabbed correctly and estimate a price ofyour HASP duplicate.

From this data we will develop twin of your HASP !!!!

something ???

<= Readabut this here
<= Read about this here
Contact Info:

MM Group

By Email : [email protected]

(if something not works -send us dongle identification data as instructed here )
Before we can read a Hasp - we need toknow our Hasp passwords. They are diferent for each softwarevendor.

If you don't know them or don't know what they are -read how to get Hasp Passwords

If you know them - continue to reading sep by stepprocedure below.


Nowwe have our hasp passwords ready and your hasp plugged.

Notethat from this point everything can be done on any PC.

Itis not need to have your protected application installed.

DownloadHasp reader archive: HaspHLrdr.zip(165kb)


Createseparate folder for it. For example C:HaspHLrdr


Unzipdownloaded archive in to this new folder. It is 3 file inside:





Firstof all we need to install reader drivers. This is a standard OSprocedure as for any other hardware but for clarity it is illustratedbelow. Note that later driver can be removed in same way.


Goto 'Start' => 'Settings' => 'ControlPanel' => 'System'

6. Select 'Hardware' tab=> 'Device Manager' and then in USB Devices tree find our USBdevice. In most cases it will be 'Aladdin USB Key'. Now RIGHTCLICK mouse on it and select 'Update Driver..'

P.s Device Manager can also be reached in other ways.

7. Hardware UpdateWizard will start. When offered - select 'No, not this time'and go 'Next'.
8. Select 'Install from a listor specific location' and go 'Next'
9. On the search and installoptions select 'Don't search. I will choose the driver to install' andgo 'Next'
10. Then offered to selectdriver to install. It could be seen a number of items on the list -just ignore them and press 'Have Disk..'
11. Opens Install from Diskdialog - press 'Browse..' and locate dongledupe.inf file which is inthe same folder where we unzipped whole reader - see step_3above. In our example it is C:HaspHLrdr. Select it, then 'Open' and 'OK'.
12. Later you can see a warningthat Dongle-Duplicate driver is not passed Windows Logo. Select'Continue Anyway'


Atthe end is final screen saying that installation done. Select 'Finish'.

Herewe MUST Restart PC. In mostcases it will be the ask to do so from Windows, but if not - we sillneed to reboot now.

14. After restart we can go toDevice Manager again and verify if our driver is loaded ok - see steps5. and 6. above. On the list we should see 'Dongle-Duplicate readingdriver'. Note that hasp has to be plugged all this time.
15. Now we a fully ready toread. Go to the folder where reader is - in our example it isC:HaspHLrdr

Run HaspHLrdr.exe enter your hasp passwords(in our example they was 3C39:25A0) and press 'Read'.

Wait few minutes until it tells that readingdone and data in to file saved. This data file with DMP extension savedin same to same folder where reader is. Find it and email to [email protected]

Contact Info:

Any questions or something not works - write:

Email : [email protected]

Respond within 24 hours.