Esa 9154 Service Manual

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I bought this watch expecting a parts watch, closer inspection it’s actually a new old stock watch and I think I can bring it back to its former glory.

Esa 9154 Service Manual

Service or maintenance to be applied to the active CICS. Be found in the VSE/ESA Planning Manual (SC33-6503). 7015/8069 LY33-9154 System. Jeff its not that hard to service these, and although I have not done an ESA 9157, I have done a few 9154 pieces succesfully. They can be fiddly in certain areas but are generally on par with a mechanical watch in terms of technical ability needed and procedures. JC Edited May 23, 2016 by noirrac1j.

Esa 9154 Service Manual Pdf

We store brands such as: AS 2066 Brac BFG Certina 25-651 ESA 9150 9154 ETA 2824-2 Enicar 1140 Eterna BF Girard Perregaux FE 140 Felsa FHF FEF Omega Oris Landeron Lemania Peseux Patek Philippe ST Unitas Universal Valjoux Waltham Zenith and many more. The Spacetronic model in this post is from the early 1970’s, a period when the line between mechanical and electric/electronic watches was blurring, resulting in hybrid calibres – battery powered watches with a traditional mechanical escapements. The calibre inside this watch is one such hybrid, the ESA Cal. 9150, also known as a.

The original sales label still attached.Case back has the characteristic lid for changing the batteries.I eventually figure out how to open the case back, revealing the movement. I’m lucky as the battery has just started to leak and had not have time to cause any damage.Incredibly the watch starts ticking with a new battery.Dial is incredibly dirty and I have no idea how it could have accumulated.The date mechanism is very nicely made.The stem is on the other side of the movement and is connected via a conical gear down to the hour wheel.The circuit board removed from the movement, this unit will not go in the cleaning machine, the same goes for the balance wheel as it is magnetic and will attract particles in the fluid.Unlike a conventional mechanical movement the power to the gear train comes from the balance.Underneath the train bridge there is two springs to ensure that movement does not recoil.After cleaning the movement I started on the dial side.The date and setting mechanism back in place. The gear train back in place.Now the tricky part! To get the train bridge is place with the tension springs.The balance back in place.The Circuit board back in place.The dial cleans up very nice with water and soap.Case gets a light polish.Movement back in the caseThe Movement starts straight up when in contact with a battery.Amplitude is irrelevant, as I don’t know the lift angle, but I can time the movement.The case is composed of outer case, inner case, case back and a lid for the battery.I give the original NOS strap a generous amount of leather softener and I keep the label for fun, as it is more and more unusual to find this on 40+year watches.Now that is a transformation!I’m very happy how this turned out! This movement must have cost a fortune for ESA/ETA to develop and by the time it was put into production it was out of date, as the quartz revolution had just started.

Esa 9154 Service Manual

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Esa 9154 Service Manual Download


Esa 9154 Service Manual Online

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